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Pure pleasure comes to those who wait!
I was already breathing heavily as I was lowered seductively towards the leather sofa. His arm encircled my waist and lowered me slowly and gently to the waiting cold surface. He had stripped me down to the statutory stockings and suspenders as soon as we got into the house. There was little else left to hide my modesty. In all honesty, my modesty was well and truly discarded the moment I knew he was mine.

I watched him spread my legs and drop to his knees between them. He discarded his shirt; out of politeness it seemed, and then he leant in towards me. My hand instinctively came up and cupped the nape of his neck as I looked into his eyes.

We kissed.

I rolled my tongue in his mouth for a split second before he broke off.

My eyes closed.

I felt his breath on my breasts and then my nipple was engulfed by his lips. The sucking action elevated it into his mouth as it hardened. In no uncertain terms, it told me I was going to enjoy this man.

He cupped my other breast and soon its nipple, too, had become hard and engorged.

Every time he sucked or licked or flicked at it, I lost a mouthful of air. My breath floated away in gusts of pleasure and delight. I must have sounded so desperate, so needy, but I was so fucking horny.

His tongue slowly made its way down my body, snaking its way over and then into my belly button.

I squirmed and giggled.

On its continued journey, my hands had finally rounded on the side of his head. I stroked his hair pushing my fingers through it. I felt his tongue at the top of my clit. It hung there in silence. I willed it downwards and I wanted it to touch me there.

His hands came up under the cheeks of my arse as he lifted my legs upwards and to each side. I opened my eyes, I wanted to witness the moment when his tongue and lips touched me. In that special place I love so much. I held my legs wide as they fell back towards the sofa.

I watched with intent.

I gasped loudly as his extended tongue made contact. Not with my pussy, but with the soft tender skin between my pussy and arse. He lapped at it and then dragged the whole of his tongue up and over the lips of my pussy. I continued to gasp as he moved his tongue all over me.

It was so exquisite. I lifted my head and I watched as his extended tongue parted my lips so elegantly and inserted itself into me. I watched as my quivering pussy glistened and leaked. Our combined juices played off each other as I felt his tongue penetrate me.

I was finally in heaven.

I felt myself raise my arse from the sofa pushing my pussy into his face; encouraging him fully to fuck me. I pushed upwards as he slid his tongue forward. I felt my breathing become laboured. It pulsed with regularity and precision. Every time his tongue entered, I pushed and gasped. I could see my ultimate prize on the horizon; waiting for me to catch it up and engulf it.

My body was rocking as I was played like a finely tuned instrument. My breasts heaved in unison; slowly coming to rest with a sexy wiggle as my nipples brushed the fresh air above them.

His tongue lapped at my pussy, taking it in turns to swipe along and to the side and then push inside and finally…

It touched me, there. 

The tip of his tongue rested on my clit. He flicked at it. I squirmed and panted and nearly cried with pleasure.

He repeated the action all over again, as if for my benefit, that I may have missed it the first time. He lapped at my pussy lips, pushed his tongue inside and then let it flow out of my pussy and onto and over my clit.

I was receiving far too much pleasure for one girl; all in the space of a few fleeting seconds. My prize was looming closer and closer. I reached out. My fingers brushed at it, but it was swept away from me. It kept hovering there in front of my eyes, teasing me. I kept breathing faster and faster. I kept feeling myself getting closer and closer.

I closed my eyes.

I raised my arse one more time into his waiting mouth. My hand rested on the back of his head and I waited. His lapping turned to licking and I felt his tongue in my pussy. I had crept up on my prize, and I waited for the right moment to pounce on it. I felt his tongue slide up the front of my pussy between my moist lips. As it reached my clit, my hand tightened on the back of his head. I clamped down hard on it and I held him there. His tongue was forced to lick my clit as I gasped loudly. My other hand quickly found my nipple and squeezed it hard.

“Fuck, yes, fuck...” I cried out. It was the only words I had uttered since we started.

I had my prize. I surrounded it. I swallowed it whole, and my body was paying that lovely price of pure pleasure.

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