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Elevator Ride

Elevator Ride

We arrived at the motel late. We had become stuck in traffic, not having known how bad it could get around a big city, especially at quitting time. Stefanie and I swore we would never drive near Atlanta again. In any case we were late, but they had held our room because we had booked it ahead of time online. It was a newer motel. Perhaps that was why we got such a good rate, they were trying to get new customers. As usual I would carry all the luggage up to the room. With her bad back she doesn't, and shouldn't, carry heavy things.

While I checked in, Stefanie had waited in the car. Sitting in the lobby was a princess. I say that with humor, of course, but she was adorable, with long, wavy red hair. Her skirt was riding up exposing some luscious legs and as I walked towards the counter, she uncrossed them and gave me a little shot up her skirt. She smiled. I smiled back.

I am not a young man, but I'm far from dead. I was intrigued and aroused at the same time, but I finished checking us in and went back to get Stefanie. I took her upstairs past the cutie, who grinned when she saw my wife, and then I came back down to the lobby to begin the process of bringing all our gear upstairs. We were on the fifth floor.

Carrying my first pieces up the elevator and down the halls I noticed where the exits were, and where the laundry room and snacks areas were. They were located on each floor. The laundry room opened with the card keys we were issued. Each time I walked through the lobby the princess was still there. As I made my last trip through the lobby she winked at me and spoke.

"Are you going to do that all night?" And she giggled.

With a smile I replied, "No, this is my last trip. Up to the fifth floor and finished for the night."

"Well my husband was supposed to be down. I suppose I should go check on him. I'll ride up with you now."

She was dressed to be going out, wearing an expensive dress that shouted exclusivity. You could say I was happy to have her join me, you would be right. I only had one bag left hanging on my shoulder. We walked over to the elevator and I punched the button. As we entered she pushed the '5' button.

"You're going to the fifth floor, too?"

"I am now."

She smiled. The elevator started to rise and so did my prick. At least it was getting hard. It couldn't rise much in my jeans. She glanced down and saw the swelling and smiled sweetly.

We had been standing side by side and she placed her small hand on my cock. I shuddered. Damn, what was her game?

She rubbed it, and I dropped the bag and grabbed her.

"I think you need something, princess. I think you need it bad."

I jerked her around, pushed her up against the wall of the elevator and raised up her dress. No panties. Of course not. I unzipped with one hand and held her with the other, but she wasn't struggling. On the contrary, she was putting her hands on the wall and spreading her legs for me.

My cock was hard and her pussy was wet. I took my cock out and then I slid it in and began humping. She started moaning and begging for all of it, all of it, over and over. She got it. I was fucking her like the whore I wanted her to be, and she was taking it that way. All the way up the dinging of the various floors played counterpoint to the thrusting I was doing in her creamy cunt. When we got to the fifth floor I wasn't finished. She had come but I hadn't.

I grabbed my bag and her hand and dragged her down the hall to the laundry room. I quickly opened it with my key and pushed her up against a washer. Up came her dress again, and once more I jammed my prick into her dripping pussy. She wrapped her arms about me as I pumped like a piston into that juicy, honey filled pussy.

It had to happen, after that hot, wet fucking. I shot my spunk into her cunt. I must have spurted at least five or six times before I was through, and with each load she trembled and had another come. This princess loved being fucked. I didn't mind at all fulfilling her fairy tale dreams.

I pulled out and saw my come leaking out of her pussy. Then I took her shoulders and forced her down onto her knees and onto the carpet.

"I need to be clean, princess. You aren't finished. Suck me dry and lick off your cunt juices. That's a good girl."

She did as she was told.

When she was finished I raised her up, smacked her ass, and picked up my bag. We left the laundry room and I went down the hall, whilst she went back to the elevator.

I didn't see her again, but I remembered her.

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