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Fantasies Do Come True

Fantasies Do Come True

Melissa's dreams come true
Melissa raised her hands to rub the sleep from her eyes and sighed as she looked at the ceiling. She looked around the room. Her hand fell onto her breast and she played with her nipple for a while. Then, without realising it, the same hand slid down to her pussy, her fingers sliding between her moist lips. She raised her arse from the bed and arched her back. Then she opened her eyes, pushed the bedclothes back and swung her legs out.

She walked to the shower. She raised her hair into a ball and pinned it to her head. With the shower head lowered she stepped under it and felt the pin pricks of water push into her skin. She relished the soft silky feel of the shower gel as she massaged it into her body and before she knew it, her pussy was getting more attention as it was washed thoroughly. Too much attention actually. Her breath was condensing against the shower wall as she thrust her backside out and started to pump her finger into her wet pussy. She hit the switch and the water stopped. Reluctantly, Melissa stopped masturbating, and finally dried herself.

In the bedroom was the outfit. It was a simple corset that she knew would amplify her breasts and display them proudly. She supplemented it with hold up stockings and took one final look in the mirror. She combed her hair and let it fall down her back, she pulled down on the corset once more for good luck.

At the bottom of the stairs, Melissa slipped into her heels and pulled her favourite black coat from the cupboard. One more look in the hall mirror before she left the house. She opened her coat and smiled. Her hands came up to her breasts and she twisted her nipples. A shot of excitement ripped through her body as she arched it in response. She gasped at the mirror and thought, ‘today’s the day.’

In fact she thought that today would never come. She picked up the letter and left the house.

Melissa followed the instructions of the letter. She had read them many times; over and over they repeated in her head. She knew what was expected of her as she pulled up to the abandoned building.

Rust poured from every panel of the building, windows were smashed and glass shards covered the floor. Boulders of concrete and uneven floors made her choice of shoes look very foolish. She shivered from the cold wind that curved around the corner before entering through the only open steel door. As she pushed it further, it creaked and then stuck. She squeezed into the room with slight trepidation.

It was an empty room, rafters of steel hung down from the ceiling and swung with the wind, a loud crack was heard as a window smacked against the wall and the only light found its way in through the broken windows.

Melissa recognised the dais and walked up to it. It was covered in thick black cloth, she remembered the words on the letter, every single word, every action was clear. She approached the dais and looked around the room. It appeared empty but she knew someone was here, she could sense them.

Melissa caught herself smiling as she dropped her coat to the floor. Instantly she became cold, her nipples hardened and the wind found itself mauling and caressing at her pussy lips. She picked up the water jug at the side of the dais and poured it over her breasts. The water covered her nipples and quickly flowed between her breasts, down the inside and outside of her basque until she felt the stream of cold water flow over her hot pussy and drip onto the floor. The cold wind threatened the formation of icicles on her nipples. As she put the jug down on the floor, she bent over the dais and opened her legs.

Melissa waited.

She was cold, shivering with every blast of wind that hit her, yet her pussy was hot with excitement. With her hands outstretched on the dais, she closed her eyes and panted with intense expectation. She clenched her arse to give herself some sexual excitement as she waited.

She heard a sound, a movement coming from behind. Her heightened senses were searching the room for sounds. Another sound, closer this time. Without warning the sound of the crack of a whip pierced the room, and Melissa screamed out. Her body shook and tensed as she felt the tip sting the left cheek of her arse. She screamed again as the right cheek was honoured in the same way.

Melissa then sighed and finally gasped aloud as she felt a finger slide along her lips. It pressed against them, opening them and sliding inside her. She pushed back towards the intrusion. This was not in the letter and she suddenly felt a hand contact her bare arse. Melissa jerked forwards with pain. Sounds of straps being buckled echoed through the room.

From that moment on, Melissa stood very still, she clenched the side of the dais as she panted and moaned. The words ‘fuck me’ repeated continuously inside her head. Her heart was pounding, her breath was coming in short sharp bursts and her nipples hardened as they grazed the fabric of the dais caused by her swinging breasts.

A rigid rod finally contacted her sweet spot. It caressed her opening and then it pushed forward, into her. She relished it, wanted it, needed it so badly. Just in time, Melissa stopped herself from responding and soon she was rewarded with a thick rigid cock buried deep in her pussy.

Melissa was spread eagled on the dais, her breath condensing on the cloth in front of her face. She braced herself for the fuck she needed and deserved.

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