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Through the haze of raw lust I could hear my own whimpers echo out into the sunlit room. My hands tangled in your hair, urging your mouth closer to my wanton pussy.

I desperately needed to cum, but you kept teasing me. I could feel the frustration grow in tune with your insistent tongue.

I was getting close and edging toward what I needed more than my next breath. I felt the undeniable pull deep inside my core as your lips circled my hard and aching clit. You sucked it gently before brushing your tongue over it, making me grasp your hair harder.

A ferocious fire was burning inside of me as I lifted my ass up from the white cotton sheets, needing to get closer to your demanding mouth. I could feel your moans reverberating through my pussy and consuming every part of me. I was absorbed by sensation and it was fueling my desire even further.

I could hear my lust-laced voice as it begged you to let me cum.

Your hand slid under my ass, grabbing my supple flesh as you looked up at me. I could see my sweet wetness coat your lips.

I pleaded as I thrust my pussy toward your waiting mouth.

A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of your lips as your sucked your fingers into your mouth to wet them before pushing them achingly slowly inside my tight, wet heat. I gasped as the fullness of your greedy fingers made me desperate beyond words. A curse escaped my lips as you pushed deeper into me.

I could hear your demanding voice as it urged me closer.

I closed my eyes as your tongue lapped at my slick pussy lips. I could feel the gruff softness against my sensitive skin.

Hot blood simmered unrelentingly inside my body and unfolded deep within. My senses were heightened and I could feel everything. Your warm breath whispered across my flesh as your mouth devoured me with a frantic hunger.

You teased with your fingers as your tongue licked over my swollen and aching clit. I felt the heat blush my skin as a rush of pure need coursed through my soul.

I arched my back and pushed myself closer to your mouth, forcing your fingers deeper inside.

Your moans mixed with mine as I fucked your fingers and mouth mercilessly. I couldn’t stop the rage of fire exploding within.

I cried out your name as I came against your eager mouth and your ruthless fingers pushed me further over the edge. I trembled and shook as shivers trickled down my spine. I was immersed in you and I embraced the sensations that rushed through my body.

Your hands caressed the inside of my soft, quivering thighs as your mouth grazed my writhing body, worshiping every part of me.

I moaned contentedly as I felt the weight of your body and you leaned down to kiss me. I could taste my succulent wetness on your lips.

My hands cupped your face as I heard your voice seep into my lust-hazed mind.

“Look at me,” you whispered.

I felt your hard cock slowly sink deep inside me as my eyes fused with yours. I could see flames burning, echoing my own need for you. Our hands entwined over my head as you thrust deep. There was no simmering need, only fire burning ferociously through our joined bodies.

Yesterday our passion kindled.

Tonight, it burned. 

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