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Fireworks of our own

A man and woman create some fireworks of their own on the 4th of July.
Lying in bed beside her, listening to the sounds of the fireworks outside as celebrations continued near and far. Feeling her hands, and fingers, as she fondled my dick and balls though my underwear; on top of them, inside of them. A good half hour of feeling her caressing me, then finally she pushes my underwear down and off, her finger teasing and rubbing the inner edges of my cheeks and asshole. Barely able to speak, my breathing fast and hard, I teasingly tell her that I am going to close the bedroom door and pull her pants and panties off and eat her pussy. Her reply, a deep low moan.

I got up from the bed, naked, walked over and closed the door. Getting back on the bed, I slid her pants off, dropping them on the floor. Lowering my head between her legs, I began kissing and licking her thighs, smelling her wetness. Slowly moving up close, I kissed and licked her through her panties. They were very wet. I could smell her wetness, a mixture of her juices and pee from earlier. I licked her hard through them, feeling her legs tremble as I pressed my tongue up against them. Finally, I reach up and slowly pull them off.

I rubbed and spread her pussy open, her lips wet and slippery, licking on her clit. “Mmmm”, she moaned. She was so very tasty and very wet. Her hand came down and held my head against her. Licking harder, hungrily, happily letting my tongue dance over her clit and pussy. She told me to get her vibrator, but I told her to wait, that I was going to make her cum first, and then I was going to feed her my cock. Groaning, she laid back, still holding my head to her dripping hole. Soon her body shook, as an orgasm ran through her. I continued to lick her pussy.

Once she calmed down some, I moved up, straddling her chest and shoulders, and pushed my cock into her mouth. It went in all the way, surprising me as usually it took a little while to get that far in. Now a deep groan escaped my lips sensing her tongue and lips on my thick shaft. Basically she was trapped under me, but she enjoyed it. She sucked my dick very well, her hand reaching up and rubbing her tit, then my ass. I pumped into her mouth nice and easy. I pulled out and got beside her. She asked why I stopped and I told her if I had kept going I was going to cum. She said it was pretty hot. I crawled off the bed, my cock stiff and twitching, and got her vibrator. Handing it to her, I waited for her to put it on her clit, and then I straddled her again and fucked her mouth more. There was no stopping when it approached; I emptied my balls in her mouth. She couldn’t turn her head or pull away; she was on her back on the bed. I filled her mouth with my thick, hot cum as I felt her go through another orgasm.

When I got up, she gently turned her head and some cum ran out of her mouth. I helped her get off the bed, and watched her as she walked into the bathroom and cleaned up. I lay there, listening to the sounds of the holiday night, knowing we just had a celebration of our own. That we just had some fireworks of our own kind.

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