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First Time Lesbians Not in Cars Serving Coffee

Coffee is good. Impromptu lesbian sex is better.
Her lips wrapped around it, holding it tight in her mouth. Her cheeks moved in and out with the power of her intensifying suction. She sucked it dry, white cream slipping down her tongue and into her throat. She swallowed like a good girl. Unfortunately “it” wasn’t my penis. It was a vanilla latte from Sarah’s favorite coffee shop. It was a little ‘mom and pop’ shop barely clinging onto any business. It had a charm about it though and more importantly, there were no cameras. The owners couldn’t afford security and that left room for some mischief among the employees and customers.

I was a frequent visitor to this place and always enjoyed the women more than the coffee. Sarah was on her lunch break sitting two tables over. She was a tall brunette college girl with sexy black frame glasses. She wore yoga pants, crossing her legs and flipping through her novel with one hand while sipping her latte with the other.

While Sarah took her break, Emma stood behind the cash register at the front counter twirling her hair in boredom. Emma was shorter than Sarah, but her body was even more incredible than Sarah’s. She always wore low cut tops that showcased her cleavage and today was no different. I noticed Emma glance over at Sarah who had her back to her. She seemed to be staring at Sarah’s ass with her adorable brown eyes, admiring it from afar. Suddenly, Sarah’s phone rang and as she tried to fish it out of her purse it clattered to the floor. Without getting up, she bent over to retrieve her phone, revealing her fantastic ass hidden under her skin tight pants. A pink thong poked out from her pants. I got a good look and then shifted back over to Emma who was now staring intensely at Sarah’s bum. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips. Finally, Sarah managed to pick up her phone. Her lunch break was over now and she headed back behind the counter with Emma. Emma pretended to be busy at the counter as if she never took a peek.

I saw a long shot opportunity and I took it. I got up from my seat and headed towards the fine ladies standing at the counter.

“This drink was fantastic,” I proclaimed, holding up my empty cup and tossing it into the garbage.

“But not as fantastic as you two ladies,” I added.

“Oh Mark,” the two ladies said in unision giggling in flattery.

“You two look like you’re really great friends. You just look so perfect together.”

“Yeah we are,” Sarah replied looking at Emma with a grin.

“I couldn’t help but notice Emma staring at your ass, Sarah,” I boldly declared.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mark,” Emma claimed in denial, refusing to make eye contact with either of us.

“Is that true, Emma? Were you checking out my ass?” Sarah asked.

“Well...if I’m being honest, yeah,” Emma admitted.

“Aaaw. That’s so sweet,” Sarah responded.

“I didn’t know you were into girls, Emma,” Sarah said.

“I’m not...I mean...I don’t think I am, but your ass is just so...perfect,” Emma confessed.

“I think maybe you should give Emma a better look, Sarah,” I suggested.

I took out a hundred dollar bill from my pocket and stuffed it into their tip jar.

Sarah smiled and answered, “Mmmm, maybe you’re right, Mark.”

Sarah began slipping down her yoga pants, revealing a petite pink thong and her incredible curvy booty. Emma stared down out Sarah’s magnificent behind with desire filled eyes. She licked her lips again.

“Go ahead. Get a closer look,” I commanded.

Emma obeyed and got down on her knees to worship Sarah’s ass. She lightly kissed her soft little ass cheeks passionately.

“Don’t be shy, baby,” Sarah whispered.

Sarah placed her hand behind Emma’s head and guided it into her ass. Emma’s face had disappeared into Sarah’s ass and Sarah began to moan in ecstasy as Emma feasted upon her ass and pussy for the first time. Emma’s squeals of delight were muffled, but audible as she dug her face deeper into Sarah’s ass and her tongue deeper inside of Sarah.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I’m gonna cum!” Sarah screamed.

Emma’s face moved faster up and down Sarah’s ass reaching every sensitive spot Sarah had with her long tongue.

Sarah grabbed onto Emma’s head, pulling her hair as she fucked Emma’s face to climax. She let out a peaking moan and then began to quiver as she came down from the highest feeling she had ever had in her life. She released Emma’s head from her grasp and Emma emerged completely out of breath, but also completely satisfied. Emma’s face was glistening from Sarah’s juices as she wiped off her mouth on Sarah’s butt cheeks. Sarah pulled up her pants and Emma slowly got up off her knees. They both smiled at each other seductively and then leaned in for a quick, but passionate kiss.

“Mmmm, I do taste good,” Sarah commented.

“Yes you do, Sarah,” Emma agreed.

Ring Ring

An older man in his 60’s came into the shop. He wobbled over to the front counter where we were all standing and slapped his hand on the counter.

“Did you guys see the news today? Crazy. Give me my usual and I’ll tell you all about it,” the old man offered.

“I’ll leave you two with your customer. I’ll come back tomorrow and we can continue this little adventure,” I teased.

“We can’t wait,” Sarah replied with a smile, cupping and squeezing Emma’s ass behind the counter.
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