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Getting Lucky

A hot summer day becomes even hotter.

The sun beat down on Lucky and her husband. They sat watching the baseball game in the heat. It was a hot sticky day.The kind of day, where you wish you didn’t have any clothes on. Lucky’s sun dress was sticking to her gorgeous frame. Joe noticed his gorgeous wife. He thought about a way to lick her wet dripping pussy. Suddenly, as if she read his dirty thoughts, she stood lifting her skirt. She then slid her wet panties off. Putting them in her purse, she winked at Joe. Then she got up and headed for the inside of the park.

Joe followed, they ended up in a women’s washroom. She turned quickly locking the door. Hiking her dress up and off, she then helped Joe. She took off his shorts and boxers. Kneeling on the cold linoleum floor, it felt so good to her. Taking his eight inch cock in her hand. Licking the tip, and swirling her tongue all around his bulbous head. Then with out warning, she grabbed his ass. Shoving his hard cock deep down her throat.

Joe looked down at his sweet wife, she was sucking the hell out of his man hood. Fuck he couldn’t take it, he needed to taste her now. He pushed his cock away from her hungry mouth. Kneeling down beside her, kissing her passionately. Then laying her naked body down on the floor. He straddled her face as his tongue explored her hot pussy. She moaned as his expert tongue moved back and forth, up and down. Lapping at her clit then back down to her wet pussy. Lucky’s mouth covered his dangling cock. Sucking his cock hard in her mouth, she then cupped his balls in her hand. Joe moaned, they were both giving pleasure rhythmically.

Hot passionate licks came from both of them. She was sucking his balls, then back to his cock. Hearing his manly grunts as pre cum dripped on her tongue. He was sucking her clit hard then biting on it. Her delightful moans wafting into the air. He wrapped his arms around her legs, then tongued her sweet pussy deeper. She opened his ass cheeks and tongued his brown eye. He swatted her ass playfully, then tongued her brown eye too.

Lucky then turned and straddled Joe’s face. She bent down taking the full length of his cock into her mouth. Joe loved when his wife sat on his face. Her juices ran into his open mouth, he enjoyed sucking on her clit and pussy. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked her husband off. Suddenly, she squealed with joy as her orgasm hit. She didn’t stop riding his mouth as she came, sucking harder and deeper on his cock. Joe yelped, as he spattered his cum way down his wife’s throat. Exhausted, they both kissed then cuddled on the cold floor.

Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. They both were in shock, they forgot to check the stalls. An older woman came out of the stall. She smiled at both of them, then proceed to unlock the main door. Lucky grabbed her dress, and flung it on. Joe quickly pulled on his boxers and shorts. The woman laughed at both of them, but didn’t say a word. She just shook her head and left the women’s washroom. Lucky laughed, as the door closed.

“Damn that was hot! honey lets do it again ok?” Lucky asked, smiling at her husband.

“Sure.” Joe said. "How about in the car?" He asked, looking at Lucky.

They both laughed, then kissed as they headed out of the washroom.

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