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God Save the Queen: another moment in time
Thehoncath & noosey_slt

God Save the Queen: another moment in time

Contributing Authors: noosey_slt 
The author is interrupted, and inspired

Early morning was a good time for writing, so I was at my desk before Sara rose. Good pet that she is, she popped in to see how I was.

“Wearing that see-through nightie won’t help my concentration,” I laughed.

She smiled back.

“Perhaps I should climb under your desk while you write," she whispered impishly, coming closer.

Before I could answer, the little minx was on her hands and needs and under my desk, her hands on my knees. I stroked her short red hair, petting her. She looked up at me, purring, as she rubbed her hands along my calves,

I raised my bottom, pulling my skirt up, allowing her to take my knickers down.

She leaned forward, capturing my knickers in her teeth, tugging them down. She held them to her nose, inhaling my scent, sighing, and then began to kiss my knees. She stretched a thigh over her shoulder, and darted her tongue into the crease at the back of my left knee. She purred, her short red hair brushing my legs as she kissed up my tender inner thigh. She bit me playfully, then licked the skin, always moving higher and higher.

I began to feel seriously wet. I had shaved my pussy only the night before, and the sensations on my bare lips were divine. I was dripping onto my thighs, no hair to catch my nectar.

She exhaled, her warm breath wafted across my freshly shaved sex. She leaned closer, her nose bumping my folds. She moved her nose in a circle around my button, feeling my hooded bead. She moved lower, collecting moisture on the tip, and slipping back up, running her slick nose over my clitty.

She her mouth closed around my dripping sex, she looked up at me. Her tongue dipped in, licking up and down my slit. Her hands were crossed behind her, resisting the urge to go touching herself. She lapped my honey hungrily, eating my swollen lips. I could see her thighs move together, pressing her flower tightly as she rocked with me.

My thighs gripped her face, as my swollen sex dripped more nectar, my clit aching, writhing in my seat. I knew how much she liked breath play, so I squeezed her face between my thighs, pushing her face into my wet cunt.

She moaned, licking and flicking. Opening my thighs, a fraction so she could breathe, she could finally slip a finger into my cunny, pushing and rubbing my walls, as she sucked me.

I opened my thighs wider, wantonly displaying my glistening sex, grunting as she penetrated me.

She fingered me rapidly, her lips and tongue moving to my clitty.

"Aren't you supposed to be writing?"

She moaned, her voice tingling my button. She turned her wrist, so her finger rubbed my anterior wall.

“Yes,” I moaned, typing even faster, thrusting my dripping sex into her wet face.

Her fingers rubbed slowly, seeking my spot as her lips sucked on my hood, as her tongue battered my bud.

She inhaled deeply, as I pulled her back into my puss. She struggled for breath as my folds engulfed her face. She licked frantically, and fingering me happily.

Suddenly her teeth closed around my swollen clitty, and she tugged, not biting, just pulling. She slid a second finger into my wetness, and touched her pinkie to my anus. She pushed it in with no lubrication. I moaned, grunting.

I could feel her pressing her thighs together harder. Her other hand had yielded to temptation and was rubbing her button, pressing firmly as she wallowed in my sex. Her fingers danced inside me, both holes penetrated, and used hard.

She frigged herself wildly, pushing into my cunny and ass.

"The shocker," she muttered, with a giggle, as her teeth released my button, replacing it with her lips and tongue. She was humming. I recognized it. Laughing, she hummed "God Save the Queen," as she frigged both of us.

Her hips wobbled, and she fell forward against me, pressing her face more firmly to my cunt as her pleasure came. My cunt pulsing on her fingers, my anus clenching her finger, I came with her.

She pressed hard on my spot as she bucked under the desk, coming as she ate me like the good little slut she was. My creamy, thick girl goo coated her face. She moaned as she licked me clean, her head spinning from her own orgasm, and the trouble breathing she had as she pleasured me.

She inched her fingers from my cunny and ass, then cleaned the ones from my pussy. She offered me the one from my ass. Smiling, I sucked it clean.

"Did you enjoy Sara's wake up special?" She asked

“Thank you for the inspiration,” I smiled, “I think this should be co-authored.”

She smiled, slipped out from under the desk.

“Coffee, Ma’am?”

“Cunt and coffee, such a perfect Sara.”

She smiled.

“Next time, you get under there, you slut.”

“Yes, Miss,” I whispered back.

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