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Guess Who Has The Remote Control.

A group having a night out play a guessing game with the loser coming first.

It was getting late, and the leaving do had been going on since half-past five. Most of the others had already gone home and there were only eight of us left now. Two of the boys from the office, and six of us females, with ages ranging from myself at forty-seven, down to the youngest of the girls, Pat, who was just nineteen.

The other girls were Jill, twenty-four, Anne, twenty-eight, Betty was thirty or thereabouts, and Jenny was thirty-two The lads were Tim and Alan, both in the mid to late twenties. We had all drunk enough so that we were at the "don't care" stage, and where almost everything seemed to be funny. Which probably explains why, when Jenny suggested a game, the rest of us agreed, without even asking what the game was.

"The game is mainly for the girls," she explained, "although the boys can play a part in it and I think they will enjoy the game."

All that was involved in the game was that one of the females left the room to insert a wifi remote control vibe. One of the other players holds the control box and the female with the vibe in her must guess who has the control box. The device is scaled from one to eight, and the game starts with the vibe on number two. Each wrong guess gets the vibe turned up two points, so three wrong guesses and it is on full.

On full, it is totally impossible to resist coming, which is where a lot of the enjoyment of the other players comes from. That and watching the victim trying to keep control with the vibe on lower settings. It was agreed that a minimum of thirty seconds had to pass before the next guess was allowed.

Jenny went to the bar, coming back with some drinking straws. She cut the end few inches from one of them, then folded the straws in her hand, and offered them to the girls. The one drawing the shortest straw had to insert the vibe. We all agreed, the boys looking forward to watching one of the girls coming in public.

Each of us took a straw, leaving one folded straw in Jenny's hand. When we unfolded them, it was clear that I got to insert the vibe for the first game. I left the room, going into the toilets to slip the vibe into myself. I was on the way back to the group when I felt it turned on and having a noticeable effect even on the lowest setting.

Once back with the group, I tried to act as if nothing at all was happening, hoping to fool the control holder into checking that it was actually turned on, but nobody was giving anything away. I took a gamble.

"Jenny has the control" I stated confidently.

Laughter from the others and I felt the vibe speed up. Number four. It was still bearable but for how long? I looked at each player, trying to think if any of them had a hand out of sight when I felt the speed increase. It was no good, I could not remember. I thought maybe it had been given to one of the boys.

"Tim," I guessed.

More laughter and the vibe was moved to number six, Just bearable provided you did not want to do difficult things like walk, talk or think. Even sat still, I am not sure I could resist this for very long. In fact, I was certain that I would not be able to resist it for long. One final guess. Who looks too innocent, too much above suspicion. One last gamble.

 "Pat," I stated confidently.

 More laughter, as Alan took the control box from his pocket and turned the dial to the final setting, number eight, full power. I gripped the arms of my chair with both hands as the vibe hit me with everything it had. I was unable to move as it forced me to the climax, all I could do was open my legs wide, and lie there until I came, screaming out loud and not caring who heard me.

The two lads and some of the girls were still laughing, and I could not move, while the vibe carried on buzzing, making me come again, and I was so close to yet another when Jenny reached over and turned it off with the control box.

 "Thank you," I managed to gasp when I got my breath back.

She came over, sitting on my knee with arms around my neck.

"I am hoping you are grateful enough to let me take you home," she whispered into my ear, "and perhaps I will let you try that thing out on me once we are there?"

 I returned her kisses.

 "That sounds wonderful," I told her, and it was.


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