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He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

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A sexy bondage game is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of another man.

I had gone to meet a long-time friend, Colin. We had met on a chat and dating site some years earlier, and soon found we were chatting for hours every night. After several months he asked if we could meet for lunch one day, and I found myself agreeing to it.

We met on a Saturday, had lunch, sharing a bottle of wine, then walked and talked, and before I knew it, I was in his house having dinner and ended up staying overnight with him. Since then we had met several times, always on a Saturday, and both of us relished the sexy fun as a welcome break from our own single lives. Usually, I stayed over, giving us the chance of a Sunday morning special.

This particular day, I got there, Colin meeting me at the station as normal, and taking me for lunch. Then, after a stroll, we went back to his home. I wondered what sexy fun he had dreamed up for me to try this time. He loved thinking up variations for me, using different clothing or costumes, sex toys, and various positions that both of us could enjoy. 

"I found something you might enjoy, sexy tits," he finally admitted. "Bondage game, a bit of spanking, sexy outfit, appeals to you?"

"Mmm, I am wet already," I told him, stroking him through his trousers. "Where do we play, bedroom or in here?"

Here meaning the living room.

"Down here is fine. Okay, clothing is on the bed," he told me. "You go and change, I will get things ready down here."

I went upstairs to the bedroom, finding a very sexy white satin bikini with tie-sided briefs and ribbon ties for the top, meaning it could, of course, be removed easily just by pulling on the bow-ties. I put it on, noticing it was very small and did not cover much. Not that I expected to be wearing it for long.

When I got downstairs, I saw Colin had pulled out a solid heavy-wood round coffee table, with straps fixed to the legs. I was placed on hands and knees on the table, the straps attached to my wrists and ankles. He caressed my body for a while, making me squirm, then took a broad leather paddle and stood behind me.

No matter how often I am spanked, I still tense before that first stroke, and it still always comes as a shock. I arched my body as it landed, calling out in pain, then wriggling as he stroked the sensitive area before the next blow. Another cry, and more stroking, forcing me to squirm, and push back as his finger pressed against my bum-hole.

Another smack and my bottom was stinging warmly. The next stroke landed dead center, and he stroked between my open legs to feel the wetness. Another SPLAT! and I jerked forward as far as the straps allowed. I waited for the caresses but was shocked when the sixth smack hit unexpectedly.

The paddle was put down as he started exploring my body, teasing and stroking, smiling as he saw me becoming more aroused. Fingers tugged at the bow-ties and the bikini top fell off, allowing him access to my already sensitive nipples. He teased them until they were so hard that they ached, and I was moaning softly for him.

Then the bikini bottoms came off, and his fingers stroked along my soaking slit until I was squirming helplessly. It was a relief when I felt his cock pushing gently at the entrance to my pussy, and he slowly slid into me, pushing steadily until I was completely impaled on his rigid member.

His hands came around me, grabbing my tits firmly as he started shafting me, pulling me back on to him, holding back until I was the one pushing against him, needing that extra bit. When he felt I was desperate enough, he lunged hard and fast, rough-fucking me until we both came, my pussy contracting around his twitching cock as his come shot into me, then seeped out onto my thighs as he withdrew.

He cleaned me off with wet-wipes, then went to the kitchen.

"Coffee?" he called. "Cream and no sugar, right?" "

Right," I shouted to him, "thanks."

I knelt, feeling the wonderful afterglow of a good climax, and knowing he was capable of at least one more, plus whatever he gave me with hands, mouth, and toys. Just then, I heard a noise, the front door, a key in the lock? Then a man entered the room.

"Colin," I yelled, "COLIN."

Colin came rushing in, stopping when he saw who it was.

"Hi Bryan," he said, "wasn't expecting you calling round today."

"Just thought I would drop in," the stranger said, staring at me. "Never thought I would find this."

"This is my friend, Marie," Colin told the man. "Marie, this is my brother, Bryan."

As Bryan had been caressing my exposed bottom for the last minute or so, I felt introductions were somewhat late. I wriggled involuntarily, and when Colin stood next to me, running fingernails along my spine, I was squirming.

"For God's sake, Colin," I snapped, "either tell him "goodbye" or ask him to join in."

"Really?" Bryan asked, beaming. "Oh yes. Head or tail brother?"

"Help yourself," Colin told him.

Bryan did not need telling twice, he was in me from behind before Colin had got back with the drinks, and Colin decided he might as well enjoy the pleasures of my mouth and tongue for the time being.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening trying every variation on the spit-roast, and with the brothers having me singly and both together in every way they could think up, and with me screaming in ecstasy, time after time. I lost count of how many times I came. That was the start of our now frequent threesomes.





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