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How Are You Picturing Me Now?

Stranger Seduction Tease
How are you picturing me?

I'm standing behind you. You can hear my deep breathing, but you're afraid to look back.

How are you picturing me now?

I move closer. You're still not sure whether to turn around. I move in closer. You can feel me now. Feel my hot breath on your bare shoulders. A tingling runs through your stomach. Was that just butterflies or something more?

How are you picturing me now?

You realise your hands are still on your chest. You've not moved an inch since you heard me walk in. Your eyes are glued to locker in front of you as I guide my palms slowly along your arms. Never touching, but close enough to give you goosebumps. I take a final step closer. You feel me taking in the smell of your hair, and then down to your shoulder. You smell like fresh lavender. The soft hairs on the back of your neck stand. You're paralysed, naked, two inches from a man you do not know. Your entire attention is focused on my movements behind you.

How are you picturing me now?

You feel my right hand moving just along the side of your body, still not touching. I don't need to. You're able to track every inch I span along your body with your eyes closed. When did your eyes close?

I move lower. I'm at your hips. Your knees start to tremble. You know I can feel you quiver. The tingling sensation comes again. This time sharper, and lower. You feel the first drops of wetness trickle. I move in closer. You can feel my shirt softly touching your bare back. Your round cheeks brush against my trousers with your every quiver. You can just feel the flesh beneath my trousers behind you. Or is it just your imagination exaggerating? You can't be sure. Another surge of wetness trickles through. You want more, but you're too scared to move.

How are you picturing me now?

My hands reach your thighs. Still not touching. It's felt like so long. You're aching for a feel of my fingers against your soft skin. With all the effort you can manage, you open your eyes to glance down at my hand. Goosebumps everywhere. But you feel so hot. Flustered. Your juices are on fire. Another spasm of the tingling. Drip. A quick soft moan escapes your lips. You realise you've forgotten to breathe. Your heart is pumping now. You feel a river coming down there soon. I haven't yet touched you. How do I have such a hold on you?

Suddenly, contact! But with my lips, that gently kiss your shoulder and linger. The surprise touch sends another gush of fluid to wet your already soaked pussy. You can't hold back much longer. You need more. You need it now.

How are you picturing me now?

You push your ass a few inches behind. It wasn't your imagination. You now clearly feel the outline of my erection with your cheeks. You let your hips move in slow circles. You want to plead for more, but words have lost all meaning. You want to moan out loud but can't find your voice. You realise you've been silently moaning in your head for at least two minutes now. Rubbing your ass against me is the only form of communication available to you.

How are you picturing me now?

You start to rub with more intensity. You can feel my dick being nudged in pants with the rhythm of your ass. You want all you can get out of it. You're nearing orgasm, and you've only directly touched my clothing. You begin to find your voice again, only to let out soft continuous moans.

You grind harder. Your palms are now clutching the sides of my pants for support. Are your moans transforming into heavy panting? You take the shape of my hard dick in between your ass cheeks and start to change the motion to an up-and-down. Your dripping pussy gets a little bit of the action too, leaving a bigger wet spot on my pants each time. Your moans are now half screams. You're almost there. You want more. So you push harder each time. Your entire body, knees up, gets into the motion for a bigger arch. More action to your pussy. You're almost dry humping me doggy style. You've never screamed this loud during sex.

How are you picturing me now?

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