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Hunting At The Masked Ball

A masked ball provides the cover for quickie anonymous sex

I circle the room, seeking out prey from behind my mask. I used to dread these charity balls until I realised wearing a mask allowed me to behave in ways I’d never imagine if they knew who I was. The married mother of three children was hidden deep behind the predatory wolf mask tonight.

“Would you like another drink, Ma’am?”

I turn my head to appraise the waitress. Cute, young, brunette, dressed in white shirt and black leggings. Her blue eyes sparkling behind her black and white bunny mask.

“Mmm, I think I’d prefer you," I reply, moving in closer, licking my lips as she stares, eyes widening. She blushes, a redness growing from her neck up over her face.

She drops her eyes and whispers “Really Ma’am?”

I step in closer, my height towering over her petite 5’2” frame. My heart beats faster as I see how submissive she is.

“Put down the tray and head to the ladies room,” I tell her, taking the tray from her and placing it on a nearby table. She blushes again, then nods and sets off. I follow her, watching her pert little bubble butt sway as she heads to a bathroom in a more secluded part of the hotel.

I glance around then follow her into the bathroom and lock the door. As she turns towards me, I put my hands on her shoulders and push her against the wall, kissing her hard on the lips, taking her, claiming her.

"Unbutton the shirt!” I order.

I tighten my fingers through her hair, forcing her to look up at me as I continue to force my tongue into her mouth. As she opens the shirt my hand scoops her little breasts out. I cup one in my hand, the pink nipple hardening as I squeeze the flesh, pawing at her. My hand goes between her legs, one finger pressing on her wet slit, rubbing her through the damp material.

"Beg for it,” I tell her and as she whispers a “please,” I swiftly drop to my knees and pull leggings and panties down to her ankles in one swift movement.

I drag her down to the floor before stripping my dress off, climbing on top of her in my black lacy bra and panties. Leaning over her, I push my left leg between hers, rubbing my thigh against her wet velvet slit, feeling her juices running out of her and smearing onto me. I undo my bra and let my larger 32c boobs hang over her mouth.

"Suck my tits," I order as I push my fingers between her legs, fingers curling inside her cunt as my thumb rubs her clit. My fingers squelch as I fuck her, her juices flooding out over my hand and down her ass crack as she writhes beneath me on the floor.

I sit back and push her knees wider apart, admiring her neat triangle of dark curls. Her cunt open, juices oozing out as I bend my head and lap them up, tasting her nectar. I pick up her yellow panties from the floor and sniff them.

“Mmm, they smell as good as you taste,” I sigh before pushing them into her mouth.

“So you’ll keep quiet,” I tell her before bending my head down again towards her wet cunt.

“Fuck, you are so fucking wet,” I groan as I eat her soaking wet cunt out, tasting her, my lips pulling on her flaps as my tongue flicks over her clit and wet hole.

I push her knees up towards her chest, exposing her ass crack to me as she lies beneath me, moaning continuously. As I suck on her clit and nibble it with my teeth, I slide one finger coated in her juices over her puckered tight arsehole.

With my mouth clamped over her clit and cunt, I circle her arsehole with my finger. Coating it with her juices, lubricating her arse with her cunt juice. The slimy girl goo making it easier for my finger to slowly push inside her tight rectum. She tenses, pleading moans coming from her gagged mouth as my fingertip teases with her opening.

With a smack, I bring my hand down on her tight, pert little bubble butt, loving the feel of her firm globe-like cheeks. I watch the pale skin turn red where my hand struck as I hear her whimper beneath me. I push my finger into her arsehole again and as she whimpers and moans, I withdraw it and smack her arse cheeks again. As she flinches, I push my finger inside her again, not stopping this time until I feel her tight sphincter grip my knuckle.

She whimpers into her pantie gag as I take her. Finger fucking that tight little arse. My tongue pushed inside her cunt, my nose rubbing her clit as I take both her holes at the same time, using her for my pleasure.

I push a thumb up her cunt and fingerfuck both at the same time. Filling one as the other withdraws, my mouth sucking her clit, watching her wriggle, moan and writhe beneath me through my predators mask, begging me with small little bird-like cries as her orgasm breaks over her. Back arched, she cries a soundless scream as I fuck her arse and cunt with my fingers.

I don’t stop, letting her ride her way through her orgasm as my fingers fill her holes, bringing her quickly to a second. Her eyes bulging, breathing ragged as she comes again over my hand until finally, as she whimpers, gasping, pleading, I slow and stop. Pulling my fingers out of her with a squelch.

I pull the panties from her mouth and wipe my fingers clean on them before dropping them back on her chest. I slip my dress back on, lean in, kiss her on the lips and leave her lying there, quivering on the floor, and go back to join the party.

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