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I Remember

I Remember

I loved the way you treated me last night, with your raw and powerful energy. You were so consumed with desire that your usual restrained ways could no longer be maintained.

As I run my fingers through my hair, I feel the bruising from your eagle’s grip on my scalp; I remember.

My head was mercilessly held firm. Your hips pushed up and forced your rock hard manliness deep into my watering mouth.

You really rammed into my depths. The unfamiliar sensation of your mighty intrusion, shocked as you slammed into a throat that had never been touched in such a way.

My gargling sounds of delight and struggled breaths played in our ears.

Hindered by a reflex, but determined to match your intensity, desperate to feel you back inside, I plunged back deep.

The control was yours. You yanked my head back to the sound of my cries and frustrated moans.

Your glistening meat was only inches from my waiting mouth. Feeling the pull on my hair, my addiction for your cock drove me through the pain.

I felt your primal lust as you thrust time and time again. Your pleasure built, as you finally released your unbridled masculinity.

As I run my fingers over my breasts, I feel the bruising from your savage touch; I remember.

Mauling grasps, with pulls and tweaks, encouraged by pleas for more.

Exploring slaps increased in ferocity. My screams of, “Harder,” echoed around the room.

Hands journey south, and we joined together in feeling my wetness. Fingers glided over heated lips. As hips ground, I moaned in bliss.

I rubbed my button, and you pushed digits in deep; my soul lost in unimaginable ecstasy from our mutual touch.

My fingers brush across the bruising on my neck, where you had pinned and squeezed; I remember.

A hand around my throat, you held me down. My ascension grew higher the more pressure you applied.

Your iron constraint over my body limited the oxygen to my already spiralling mind, which sent me further into the depths of salaciousness.

Throaty cries matched thrust and pumps, as my pleasure squelched from within. A torrent of juice and cum soaked your hand. I had reached my peak.

My body rocked and soul unwound. Total euphoria swept around my system. Lost in my orgasmic haze, you waited as I clenched and held you tight.

I shift in my seat, feeling the sensitive and bruised area of my behind; I remember.

My dainty fingers grasped your rock hard shaft, I pumped, and I jacked. With my tongue, I lapped at your pre-cum.

Pleasurable, shocked, screams erupted when your fingers pushed past my puckered tight ring. Fucking your fingers as they delved in my ass, I sucked on your head and stroked your solid length.

With your taste on my tongue and your fingers buried deep, expletives breached from within.

“Oh, Fuck. Oh, Jesus fucking Christ. Oh, yes!”

A sex loving slut, who had lost all control, all I wanted was for your load to explode.

My tongue waited, and I felt you twitch and tense. The moment was near, so with my hands I dispensed, tightened grip and a quickened pace.

I needed your cum and imagined its warmth and splash over my face.

The thought of that happening was too much to take, I couldn’t hold it. Exploding, I came with a shake and a cry.

Feeling me clench around your fingers buried within, the look on my face and the screams of delight, you reached your limit and could take no more.

Releasing your load into my mouth, I moaned in delight as your hot, tasty, essences burst across my tongue.

As we collapsed in a heap of sweating bodies and fast beating hearts, the smiles on our face showed how we both felt within.

The morning after the night before, I feel all the discomfort from our rough fucking. I have a smile on my face; as I remember.  

*Authors Notes* I tried something a little bit different from my usual style with this story, so would love some honest feedback. I'm also considering recording a audio version. If that would interest you, let me know. x x x

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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