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Immutable Attraction

Contributing Authors: unbecoming 

Watching you playing with your clit while I fuck you slowly, I'm smiling. The rhythm of thrusts is steady and unchanging as I gaze down at you. I love to see what your beautiful face does as I touch you, and hold eye contact while you cum against my cock. I love the sound of your voice as you moan and growl into the flesh of my hand that you hold firmly in your teeth. As I listen and watch, you feel my cock twitch and pulse inside of you, hardening its resolve in the midst of your orgasm.

After you've finished, I start fucking you harder with each thrust, watching to make sure that you keep touching yourself. I'm still looking into your eyes I experience your heat wrapped around me, and you feel mine driving into you.

Leaning in for a kiss, my hands take hold of you. My left finds one of your perfect breasts, then the other. The right slides beneath your arm, bringing you closer to me by the back of your neck. The rhythm of our bodies changes while I kiss you. Our trembling lips open further with each meeting. Briefly, we are lost in a long moment of romance within the storm of erotic desire we produce when we're together.

The instant I pull away, we resume, just as we had been. Your fingers are flying over your clit at constant speed, in contrast to my own rhythm. After withdrawing slowly and carefully each time, I recklessly thrust into you, burying myself as deep as is possible with each thrust. You know it will turn sharp sooner or later, but right now you can feel another dull wave of heat start to well up beneath your diaphragm.

For a moment, as your eyes roll away from me, your fingers allow their attention to your clit to lapse. Instantly, I stop fucking you, and instantly, you look to me with a bitten lip and a look of slight panic. Of its own volition, my hand strikes you across the breasts, then again backward as it returns to it's previous position. A quick reminder that you are not to stop, while I am working. I take your arm firmly by the wrist, and guide your hand back to its work.

Taking the cue, you return to your clit. I smile when your other hand moves to your chest, and starts to work there. The shapes and sounds you make as you manipulate your breasts elicit a gasp from me. You are beautiful. In moments, I am watching you gasp along with me. You show me your pleasure in the sexiest ways.

You start to feel the next crest of that pleasure beginning, and so can I. I bite my lip against my own pleasure as you tighten against me. Pressing down against your body arching into mine, I push into you until I can go no further. I fuck you for a moment, then stop again. Quivering on me, and shivering beneath me, you lock your eyes to mine, and begin.

I feel amazing just remaining still inside you for a moment. You are almost vibrating against my cock, and your deep, gasping breaths are starting to shake. I know how to help with that. Running my nails up your torso, between your breasts, I reach for your throat. At first, I move my palm across it, holding my fingers away from you, but soon, they wrap one by one against the side of your neck, my thumb on your jugular. Your breathing steadies slightly, but is not stabilized. Applying light pressure between my thumb and first finger, I begin to reduce that breath. Gradually, I press harder, and hold tighter. You know that you're not in any danger in my hands, but you love the feeling you get when I have that control.

Finally, your breathing stabilizes, and the twisting, grinding vibration against my cock slows to an erratic pulse. A moment later, your moaning subsides as well. Now that you've finished, I don't wait for you, not even long enough to take a breath. I flip you onto your stomach - it's time that I fuck you from here. Taking you by the hips, I pull you to your knees, and spear my cock back into you from behind. Holding tightly onto you as I fuck you, I pull your hips against me with each thrust, slapping our bodies together in immutable, uncontrollable attraction.

Pressing my finger against your ass, I apply a little pressure, until it pushes past the resistance, and inside. My cock is still inside you, thrusting steadily as I play. I know you're imagining it in your ass again. The motion of my finger and cock sync up, pushing in together, pulling back together - never pulling out.

Ramming into you, I clench my jaw, and sink my claws into your back on their way forward. Reaching the roots of your long hair, those same claws form a fist of it. My wrist rolls twice, twisting it tighter. I have it all in my hand, and you can feel each hair tugging you to my whims. Raising your head at my controlling gesture, you arch your back downward and emit a deep, whining moan.

I finally pull my cock out of you for a moment, and as I do, I slip a second finger into your ass for a moment, and listen to the sound it provokes. To my surprise, two slide in almost as easily as one. I love how turned on you are right now. Barely able to wait, I remove them, and press the end of my cock against you in their place. I slide the tip in with more ease than I expect, and I know you're ready.



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