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Is That My Cue?

Is That My Cue?

Rehearsals had went well. Peter knew all of his lines and he was glad to be in the play. This was his new thing, now that he was retired. Acting was something he'd always wanted to try, and now he was doing it. Each play he did gave him more experience, and gave him more lines, too. That was good. However, he was learning that lots of work in the theater consisted of waiting for your cue backstage. Quite often one spent long stretches in the Green Room. You could chat there, or study your lines if necessary, or just read if you had a good book. It could be rather boring.

This play gave him thirty-eight lines. He was onstage four times. The play lasted over three hours. He saw that he'd be free for long periods. He was getting bored already and the play had only gone into its first performance. They had a run of ten shows. It occurred to him that he wasn't alone. Several others also had few, if any lines. Some had none, but were on stage as supernumeraries, or supers. He'd noticed that some of these actors were lovely. In fact, he thought he might have a chance with one in particular. A lady of around forty who was experienced in acting, but for this play had no lines. She was a lovely thing, Lucy was. Great scenery, on and off stage.

During rehearsals he'd taken every chance to chat her up. She'd been friendly enough. Well, all of his fellow cast members were friendly. That seemed to be the norm at this theater. But she was sweet, and seemed to enjoy his company in particular. She had a rather dead pan humor that appealed to him. He often got caught in her little games, thinking she was serious. After awhile he took everything she said with a grain of salt. However, she'd become more flirtatious over the weeks. Now, with the play in performance, the two of them had time between their scenes to tease and play even more.

In order to get to his entrance points he had to go through special tunnels around the theater, or even back through the construction shop upstage behind the back wall. Everyone had their favorite way to get to where they needed to be. He liked going through the shop. He noticed that he would pass Lucy there occasionally, when she was exiting or entering. There were lots of dark little areas in the shop. Quiet and unseen. It was kept dark on purpose.

He decided to take a chance. He liked Lucy. He especially liked her body. She had curves. Her breasts were not large, but they were real, and tempting. Her derriere was substantial. Nice and round, and it moved enticingly as she walked. It was unconscious on her part. She was just built that way. And her face was sweet, surrounded by curls of amber. He was smitten, and he wanted some.

The next time they passed each other in the shop, during a performance, he stopped and whispered to her.

"You were great in that scene. I mean, you added something that it needed. You know?"

She smiled as she whispered back, "Oh, don't be silly you twerp. I'm a super."

He returned, "All I know is it does something to me."

She responded, "What's that then?"

He opened the fly on his costume, pulled out his hard cock, and displayed it in the light of the glow sticks strung along the wall. She grinned and reached out to touch it. He took her hand and moved it up and down his prick. He then took the hand and guided her back behind a piece of old set. He had noticed it before and noted that there was room to get two people in there. No one would see them when passing through.

Peter knew the costume she was wearing was just a skirt with a top. It had an elastic waistband to take off quickly. Now he quickly put her against the wall and pulled the skirt down, along with her panties. She was kissing him fervently as she wrapped a leg around him. He entered her already wet pussy, and thrust deep in one stroke. He muffled her cry with his lips and tongue. His fucking rhythm was fast and steady. They had about ten minutes before his cue. He was making sure he got what he needed. He knew she would. She was already coming for him. She was whispering it to him.

It was so sexy. Even more so because it was illicit. They should not have been doing this. Fuck it! He wanted her, and had for some time. He was taking her and she was giving. Neither one was acting. This was the real deal, and he kept pumping his prick deep into her welcoming cunt. His prick was plunging to the bottom of her pussy steadily and forcefully. Oh, god, this was good pussy!

Lucy was moaning as he continued kissing her. He licked her neck and sucked on it. He knew she had another scene to do, but she had makeup. They all did. He kissed her as he kept his prick ramming into her cunt. She was building up to a heavy orgasm. He could tell because her pussy was tightening up on his cock. He was ready too. He heard a song on stage. The end of that song was his cue to enter. He thrust once more and filled her pussy with his cream. He humped into her six or seven more times, making sure she had a grand come and making sure he gave her all he had. Then he withdrew. Luckily, he had a kerchief to wipe up. He had planned ahead.

She gave him one more kiss. Then he stuck his cock into his pants and moved toward stage left. He made his entrance.

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