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It's College, Man

It's College, Man

I was on a bench, listening to tunes, across the street from some stores. It was my college town and I was checking out the spring flowers passing by. My girlfriend was inside a shop and I had decided to wait outside. Three young women were coming down the sidewalk to my right. I glanced down towards them. They were all wearing the new yoga pants the girls are into now. And t-shirts on top. Not one was wearing a bra. I could easily tell, from the bounce of young tits coming my way. Each girl had a camel toe. They must have known what they looked like. So juicy and sweet. Good enough to eat.

As they approached I could hear them giggling. I wasn't really staring. But I was definitely looking and enjoying what I could see. I was just hoping they didn't pass by too quickly. As they got nearer I noticed that one of them had been in my Chem class last year. I was a senior at the university. So these girls were all college students. This is why I love my school. I smiled at the girls as they passed. Emma. That was her name. She recognized me and stopped, and her friends did too.

"Hey Brian. What's happening here? Just hanging?"

"Yep. Julie's inside looking at stuff so I'm just chilling here. What's up with you? Who're your friends?"

"Oh, this is Kathy and Ginger. They're in my English Lit class. We've been reading some cool stuff, you know? I think the Prof has a thing for young chicks. He's always assigning books like Lady Chatterly's Lover and stuff. I mean, I don't mind it, but you can tell he's getting off on it. I've seen him get hard more than once. It's so funny."

"Yeah, we got some old pervs here, I know that. It's cool as long as they don't hassle you guys."

"Ah, we don't mind. Not really. He's kinda cute, anyway. But some of his books got us wondering. Want to know what about? Kathy and Ginger said no, but I said yes. I think a guy would do it. If the girl wanted to."

"You lost me Emma. What're you talking about?'

"I mean, would a guy let a girl, you know, do him out on the street. I mean, if you kind of stood around and maybe people couldn't see much, is all?"

"Let me get this straight. You want to give a guy a BJ right out on the street, in broad daylight? You know, I can see that happening. I mean, stranger shit has gone down on this street. I could tell you stories."

"So you'd do it then? Honest to god? Cause Ginger is the one who said she would do it. I don't believe her and I don't think Kathy does either."

"Hell, Emma. I may not be an old perv, but I can be kinda pervy, if you get my drift. I'm here. Let's do it. You two get in front. Ginger? You the one wanting to do me? Let's do this girl."

With that the two lookouts stood in front of us and Ginger, giggling, sat beside me and leaned over. I had unzipped and was dragging my hardening cock out. I kept glancing around, but I couldn't see anyone really noticing. Damn, she went for it fast. Her hand was stroking me and I was getting harder. He was happy, you know? I was into this shit, and also hoping my girlfriend didn't come out anytime soon.

Ginger's tongue was licking up my shaft as her thumb rubbed my prick head. It was getting redder. I put my hands on her red hair and tried to get her to let me fuck her face, but she was doing it her way. She was pulling on the balls she had dug out of my jeans while she sucked on the head. Finally, she was bobbing up and down. I was getting into this shit, man. God, she must have loved cock sucking. The suction was intense. Stroking me and sucking me at the same time made me want to come fast. But no one was looking yet, so I thought I'd enjoy this as long as I could. This would make a great fucking story back at the house.

The other two girls were giggling. Both Emma and Kathy stood there glancing around, but really enjoying watching Ginger sucking me off. It helped the situation that there was a trash receptacle to one side of the bench and on the other were newspaper kiosks. But right now I didn't really give a fuck I was so close to coming.

It was time. My spunk was building up and it spurted into her mouth. Oh, man, that girl loved come. She was whimpering and sucking, trying to get it all. Her friends had their hands up covering their mouths as they giggled and laughed. But I happened to see that each girl's camel toe was wet now. They'd been getting off on it too. This was fucking great. But then, the shit hit the fan. Julie came out of the store with two bags and walked towards me. Ginger was sucking up the last of my jizz. I was trying to get her up and off of me as I stuffed my dick back in my pants. She didn't want to let go.

She finally sat up next to me. She wiped her lips and sucked her fingers. Julie was staring at me.

"I can explain babe. It's not what you think. Julie, wait. It's not what you're thinking girl."

She was flouncing off. Her head was high but I knew this would take lots of explaining. Oh well. What the hell. This was college. We got up and I patted them on their taut butts. Then I tried to catch up with Julie.

I was thinking fast.

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