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It's Friday

What a way to start the weekend!
It's 3:30 on Friday afternoon and the office has pretty much cleared out for the weekend. Being a workaholic, I'm still tucked away in my tiny closet, finishing up a few things. Deep in thought, I don't pay attention to the footsteps as they walk down the hall. I only look up when I hear my door close and the click of the lock.

A smile spreads across my face and I rise to greet you, but a shake of your head stills my movements. I sink back into my chair as you round the corner of my desk. You grab the back of my chair and spin it around so that I'm facing you, then leaning down, you kiss me, hard. My eyes flutter and close as our tongues duel.

Your hand travels up my thigh and under my skirt, the skirt you specifically told me to wear today, sans panties. I shift in my seat and part my legs, wanting your fingers to find my treasure. You deepen the kiss as your nimble fingers part my puffy outer lips and skim over my now throbbing clit. A muffled cry escapes into your mouth as you plunge two fingers deep inside my soaked pussy. You break the kiss and pull back slightly.

After a minute, my eyes drift open. I see you watching me as you begin to slide your fingers deeper inside my silky folds and your thumb presses against my clit. I arch my hips and ride your fingers while your thumb makes circles over my aching bud. Higher and higher I climb, my orgasm building. My head falls back against my chair and I bite my bottom lip to keep from crying out. I grip the arms of my chair as your movements become faster and soon the orgasmic wave crashes over me.

Once I've calmed down, you pull your cum coated fingers from my nether lips and offer them to me. I eagerly take them into my mouth, moaning as I taste myself on you. I lick and suck them until they are clean. You withdraw them from my mouth and kiss me again. Then you raise to your full height and I see the bulge in your slacks. I reach out and undo your belt and slacks and shove them to the floor, surprised to find you commando.

I wrap my fingers around your hard manhood and guide you to my lips. Hungrily, I lick the head of your cock, and then, wrapping my lips around it, I take you deep into the warm wet recesses of my mouth. I slowly begin to suck, pulling you in further, feeling your hard length hit the back of my throat. Without stopping, I push my chair back and drop to my knees. My hands find your hips and I pull you closer as I take you deeper inside my mouth. Your hands tangle in my hair. I slow my movements and begin licking your cock again, feeling it grow even harder.

Soon you've had enough and your hips begin to thrust as you fuck my throat. I suck deep, and hear your moan. One hand slides down and cups your balls as your movements quicken. With a loud groan I feel your cock jerk inside my mouth and the first spray of warm cum coats my tongue. I swallow as you continue to spasm, filling my mouth with your delicious treat. I swallow every drop, then place a kiss on the tip of your cock. Standing up, I smile at you as you pull your slacks back up.

You drop a quick kiss on my lips and speak for the first time since you've entered my office. "Come on baby, it's Friday. Let's get out of here."

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