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Jasmine's Secret Fetish

Jasmine has discovered a secret aspect of her sexuality...
It felt good to pee, Jasmine realized as she took the toilet paper, wiped herself and pulled up her panties.

This was the beginning of a lifelong fetish.

She lived for those quiet moments in the bathroom from being tense all day long, on the brink of embarrassment and humiliation, and then just releasing in solitude.

But soon regular bathroom excursions weren't enough any more. She needed to up the ante. She started having these fantasies of peeing in inappropriate places. Non-bathroom places. Playing on the edge of getting caught made her clit hard and her folds moisten. She couldn't get it out of her mind. Until one day she decided she would try it.

She bought a six pack of water and prepared herself to drink the whole pack or as much as she could in as short a time period as possible. And then once she was full , which only took three and a half of the bottles, she would wait until she was desperate and then look for some place inappropriate to release it. She did this on her day off and looked around her home. She thought about just going on the floor or the tub or the sink but that wasn't enough.

There wasn't enough edge involved, and then she spotted it. There was a large potted plant of her husband’s by the floor to ceiling window in the front room by his desk. She opened the drapes, then pulled down her panties and squatted into the plant, and her bladder was shy at first, but then it became too desperate to deny its own release.

She flooded the plant with her golden urine. It felt so good; her legs trembled and she tilted her head back gave a grimace of pleasure. Her hand slipped between her legs once she was finished and massaged her clit, and within seconds she had the most violently passionate orgasm in her life. It came crashing down on her hard as she fantasized being put on display with a full bladder and denied a toilet until she burst her golden flow all over the people below, who showered in her piss like she was some goddess and they her hungry worshipers.

Once she was finished, Jasmine was so thoroughly sated, she pulled her panties up her legs and walked back to her bedroom and plopped down on the bed waiting for her husband to get home. She wondered what he would think if he knew her secret and if, in part, it being a secret was part of the turn on. She wasn't sure. In part, she wanted to share it with someone, and in another she wanted to keep it her dirty little secret.

She drifted to sleep and awoke to Ashley, her lovely husband of ten years, laying next to her and just watching her. She smiled at him. Ashley was the epitome of privilege; he had long blond hair and sharp green-blue eyes, with perfect pink lips that were oh so kissable.

“How was your day?” she greeted. Ashley smiled. “Wonderful. And yours?”

Here was her moment she could tell him about her secret, or she could keep it secret. Ever the intuitive, though, Ashley frowned, seeing the battle fighting in her eyes. “Did something happen?” he asked.

Jasmine looked at him, taking a deep breath. “I have something I want to tell you …”
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