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Just One More Time

Just One More Time

How much longer I have I cannot say. My strength is fading. But I need her to come to me once more. Just one more time.

It has been months now. I was a strong man when it began. My body was tall and muscular from the work I did. I was a forest ranger. I would hike the trails up into the mountains and into the valleys each day. Climbing fire towers was common. Clearing trails with power tools or just hands and bare strength was daily work. Often I would stay in the cabins provided for us when we could not return to base during a long work session.

The first time she came to me I was sleeping in a cabin high in the mountains. I had a fire lit in the fireplace and it gave me enough heat for the night. After eating a simple meal I went to bed. Nothing else to do. I was alone.

I don't recall awakening, but I remember vividly the dream I had that night. Never had I seen such beauty. She had long red hair, a voluptuous body, and was nude. Completely nude. Her breasts were firm and conical, with small areolae and long, hard nipples. Her vulva was covered in soft, red pubic hair which glistened in the firelight. She was aroused and I became aroused. I was sleeping under a thick quilt and had needed no sleepwear. My penis became engorged and erect. She drew the quilt away from my body, with her black eyes staring into mine and a sardonic smile on her face.

I was warm from the fire, and the candles I had left burning illuminated her completely. It also irradiated my body, with my long, thick cock standing hard and firm. She wanted it. I knew that from the way she gripped it with her strong fingers. She wrapped both hands about it and began lapping it with a black tongue. I was sleeping. I knew this. But I was aware. Somehow, I was aware of the circumstances, and I could feel pleasure at the situation. Along with fear. She was a fearsome creature of the night.

But she was performing upon my prick as if it were an instrument she played like a virtuoso. My balls felt as if they became swollen as she took each into her hot mouth. It almost burned each one while I felt her suction upon them. And I relished the pain as she bit them and chewed them. I knew it hurt, but I knew it was intensely pleasing, too. She had not released her grip upon my dick and it was becoming hotter as she squeezed it harder and harder. The head was turning red and then purple, when she moved quickly to engulf it and began running her tongue about it, making me want to come for her.

The suction of her voracious mouth, with its lips of scarlet, caused a large buildup of come inside of me. I needed to release my milk. I knew that was what she wanted. Drooling around my cock gave her the lubrication she needed to jerk my prick faster and faster, and then her mouth took me completely inside and began bobbing up and down. It seemed almost mystical the way she took it all down into her throat, but my spunk suddenly erupted and filled her throat with what she had wanted all along. She was sucking down my manhood and swallowing it all. She drained me, leaving nothing behind. Then she backed away and was gone.

That was the first time I dreamed of her. It had to be a dream. Nothing like her could be real. I knew that. But the scratches upon my flaccid penis the next morning were real. I thought I must have done it myself, as I experienced a nightmare.

It happened many times after that. Always when I was alone in the forest, spending a night in a remote location. Each time she would come to me in my dreams. And each time she would drain me. Of my semen and of my body's energy and strength. It happened so often that I didn't notice at first. But my fellow workers did. They questioned me. They wondered if I was ill. I was losing weight and could barely do my job.

I recall the last time she appeared. I had been told that I must seek help. My supervisor allowed me to go out once more to do some simple tasks along the trail. I could spend the night at a cabin after finishing my work, but the next day I would have to see a doctor. Something was dreadfully wrong.

She came to me. Again, I was sleeping. She couldn't be real. But it seemed so real as she once more began making love to my cock. I thought of it as love. I didn't know. I didn't care. I wanted her. I wanted what she did to me and for me. Her smile was familiar now. It was the smile she gave me as she descended upon my prick. She savored the flavor of my pre-cum and began to encircle my dick with her long, black tongue. Licking and taking my nuts in her hand she started her sexually intoxicating task of making me come for her. Her carmine lips matched her hair which fell about her face, and her arms straddled my body, while her mouth did its magic. I could not last long before she began draining my come down her voracious throat. Then she was gone.

That was weeks ago. I was put on medical leave. But I have returned to the forest. I rented a cabin. She will come to me. I know it. Just one more time.

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