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Kimber's way

Kimber visits her classroom one last time.
On graduation day the halls of John Polk High were completely deserted. Off in the distance towards the gym there were excited screams and raucous laughter, but in the quiet English hall, Kimber’s heels echoed loudly.

She had just graduated and wanted to go to the only room she would miss in this entire building. It was the room of her twelfth grade English teacher, Mrs. Ray. She was tall, thin, blonde, and at forty-seven, she was still amazing to look at.

She had wanted Mrs. Ray since the second week of school, when Kimber caught her looking up her skirt while she was taking a quiz. Kimber spread her legs even further apart to give her a better view.

The rest of the school year went the same way. Kimber sat in the front row, and most days she wore a skirt or a dress, but never any panties. On occasion she had even allowed her fingers to wander under her skirt, which of course always left a little wet spot on her seat.

Mrs. Ray looked and lusted, but never acted on it. Every day Kimber had hoped would be the day that Mrs. Ray would hold her after school and finally give in to her desires. It never happened - that was, until last night.

Kimber had gone to her boyfriend’s house to go swimming. Things got a little frisky and she ended up on her back with her legs spread while her boyfriend went down on her.

Kimber happened to catch a shadow of someone watching through the fence, but was too far gone to care. After her orgasm, she went to the fence and peeked through. What she saw shocked her beyond belief.

Sitting in a lawn chair next to the fence, with her fingers down her pants, and in the middle of an orgasm was Mrs. Ray.

She had no idea that her teacher lived next door to her boyfriend; now she had caught her masturbating to her. That was too good to be true.

Kimber had to see how far she could push this. She walked through the gate and despite her teacher’s shocked face she walked up to her and kissed her.

Mrs. Ray was shocked at first, but then her arms went around Kimber’s slender waist.

The kiss was brief, too brief for Kimber’s liking. Mrs. Ray pushed her back and stood up to put distance between them. “No. We cannot do that. You need to leave,” her voice was shaking and her blue eyes were wide and bright.

Kimber stood up and as she walked out the gate, she turned back and said, “Next time I see you, you won’t tell me no.”

The door to the classroom was unlocked and Kimber walked to her seat, feeling the normal excitement she felt in the room. The moisture started to flood her panties. Just once she wanted to cum in this room. She pulled her graduation gown up, sat on the edge of the desk, and slid her fingers into her warm, wet cunny.

Her head was thrown back and she had just moaned out, “Please Mrs. Ray, lick it harder.” when she noticed Mrs. Ray standing in the doorway.

“Please,” Kimber begged.

Mrs. Ray’s voice barely a whisper, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please,” Kimber pleaded; her need was so strong.

Without looking away, Mrs. Ray locked the door and walked to her desk. She grabbed Kimber and kissed her with a need and a lust that had been building all year. She did not want to wait any longer.

Kimber’s robe was pulled up around her waist and her former teacher was on her knees between her legs. She had her fingers wrapped tightly around Mrs. Ray’s hair, and used it to pull her face close to her wet cunny.

“Look at it, look at the pussy you stared at and lusted over for a year, but were too chicken shit to do anything about,” Kimber hissed.

Mrs. Ray licked her lips. “What if someone catches us?”

Kimber pulled her face closer to her glistening lips. “They won’t, and I don’t care if they do. Let them watch. Let them watch my teacher eat out my sweet, eighteen year old pussy.”

Mrs. Ray’s tongue touched Kimber’s lips and she gave it a slight flick upwards. Then she pushed her tongue between the girl’s lips so she was able to fully taste her.

Mrs. Ray slid her tongue up and over Kimber’s clit and when she felt the girl shudder, she did it again. This time she stopped over her clit and twirled her tongue around it, giving it just the right amount of pressure.

“That’s it, lick it,” Kimber moaned and pushed Mrs. Ray’s face harder onto her.

Mrs. Ray loved it and started to lap at Kimber’s dripping pussy. Her fingers were gripped tightly onto Kimber’s thighs to keep them spread so she could get at every bit of her.

Kimber started to grind her pussy harder on to Mrs. Ray’s face when the older woman sucked on her swollen clit. Her fingers were still entwined in her hair, and she was holding her head in place as she pumped her hips faster and faster.

“Oh God, yeah, just like that Mrs. Ray. I’m going to cum.”

The older woman sucked harder and flicked it faster. Within moments, she felt Kimber’s body start to shake as she started to cum.

Kimber collapsed on the desk out of breath and limp. After a few moments she looked down at the woman still on her knees and asked, “God, why did you make me wait so long?”

“I don’t know, but it won’t happen again. Let’s go to my place,” Mrs. Ray said, and licked her lips.

Kimber grinned, “Yes ma’am.”

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