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Layover in Chicago

A layover in Chicago turns into a laid-over

As I’m walking through the terminal to my gate, I turn the corner and see you heading the same direction. I fall in behind you, mesmerized by the way your hips sway with every step.

I eventually duck into a store to grab a drink, and make my way to the gate. As I approach the gate, I see you again, and as your eyes scan up my body, we lock eyes, and smile at each other briefly. 

I take a seat facing your direction, so I can admire you as you sit and read your book, glancing furtively at me, trying to catch me staring at you.

You get up to stretch out, turning away from me as you bend over, stretching your legs. You sneak a peek backwards and catch me ogling your tight ass, and smile slyly as you know you’ve got me hooked. 

After walking around a bit, you walk back into the gate, and sit down beside me, accidentally bumping into me as you move your bag. You use this opportunity to place your hand on my thigh and apologize, lingering a second before stroking upwards and stopping just shy of my crotch. 

We talk occasionally as you read, and your lower body starts to squirm a little ways into your book. I peek at the title, noticing you are reading the Fifty Shades Darker book, and look over to read along with you. I interrupt your reading as you are pressing your thighs together, and ask if you are at any of the interesting parts. You reply with a yes, and lean over as you begin to read the scene from the book seductively in my ear. You rest your hands in my lap, holding the book while rubbing your fingers up and down my engorged manhood. 

As the scene gets hotter, you speed up, practically jerking me off in the middle of the terminal. You lean over and tell me to meet you in the single restroom outside of gate H3 in two minutes and give me a descriptive knock to perform. 

I watch you emphasize the sway in your hips as you walk away, and then get up to follow you.

I knock as you instructed, and enter the restroom to see you bent over the counter, dress hiked up to your waist, and beautiful breasts pressed up against the counter, looking at me lustily in the mirror. As I admire the view, I slowly look my way down your body, stopping to admire the plump, glistening lips between your legs. 

I unbuckle my belt and drop my pants as I position my throbbing cock behind you, and press the drop of precum on my tip directly onto your finger, and I watch you in the mirror as you swirl your tongue around the tip of your finger, tasting my salty fluid.

I press the tip of my shaft against your entryway, before plunging it deep inside you as I grab your hips. Your back arches as you feel my balls smack against your thighs, and you gasp as the tip pushes past your outer lips, your warm, tight pussy welcoming my rod inside of you.

As I plunge in and out of your pussy, your moans get louder and louder as your grip on the counter tightens. The sounds of my cock sliding in and out mix with our bodies crashing together and our moans of pleasure. 

As my hands caress your ass you beg me to spank you, and I happily oblige. You ask for it harder, and with each smack of my hand across your bare asscheek, I feel your pussy get wetter, soaking my throbbing dick in your juices.

Your pussy begins to clench around my cock as you start to thrust back onto my stiff rod. Your body begins to tremble as an orgasm washes over your body, and you can feel my cock swell. You push me back and kneel in front of me, taking my cock in your hand, stroking it while licking the tip. You look into my eyes and beg me to cum in your mouth, before sucking my rod all the way in and working it with your tongue. You feel my body clench up and my cock starts to spasm as rope after rope of warm, sticky cum fills your tongue, before swallowing and licking my shaft clean. 

You zip up my pants, making sure to kiss the tip of my cock before patting it, and leave me a card with your number on it for next time I come through. I give you one last look as I exit the bathroom, catching your eyes and smile as the door closes behind me.

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