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Light Sleeper

Light Sleeper

Tags: darkness, solo
As it begins, it is pitch black and I can see absolutely nothing, But I know where I am, and I know that you are with me. I can’t see you, but I can feel you close to me. I can hear you breathe. I can smell your hair. I can feel your warmth.

I move closer and find you, next to me, quietly waiting for me to arrive and touch you, kiss you, and caress you. And that is what I do. I know you, every inch of your body, every aspect of your sensuality. I find you, I touch you, I wrap my arms around you. I pull you toward me, and I kiss your sweet, swollen lips. I taste them. I lick them. I suck your lips into my mouth and savor the taste. I whisper how very much I love and adore you. How I want to hold you and kiss and lick and taste every inch of your body.

I stroke your hair and kiss your neck. I caress your arms, your ribs, and lastly, and most intently, your breasts. Tracing the outline of your nipple with my forefinger, then licking your swollen nipple tenderly. I kiss your breast and then continue kissing you, beneath each breast, along your sides, across your belly, then stopping momentarily to lick your navel, then to suck at it gently and then lick it again. I continue kissing you, moving downward still unable to see anything, but knowing where everything is.

I savor the caress of your soft nest touching my face as I bring my mouth between your legs and lick each labia with my tongue, up and down, back and forth, licking and moistening the inside of the tenderest part of your thigh. I feel your hand on my head, your fingers running through my hair, and I hear you saying my name softly and telling me to kiss you. And as I do, as our mouths meet, open and wet and I feel your tongue touch mine, you gently roll me over on my back, and kiss me again. I feel your soft fingers tenderly tracing the outer lips of my wet and yearning opening. Then I feel your two middle fingers sliding inside of me, thrusting gently, reaching and touching my most sensitive places.

Then I realize that I’m in a dream and that I am awakening. I am alone, and my fingers are inside of me. The darkness begins to recede, but I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, to keep the darkness and the dream we are in with me while I finish what you have started.

I pull a pillow beneath me and settle my buttocks on it, elevating my pelvis. I spread my legs wide apart. I move my fingers in deeper and slightly upward to touch my spot, while my thumb gently massages my hood, allowing my clit to escape. With my other hand I rub and knead my breasts; pinch and pull my nipples, and very soon I am writhing in anticipation of what is to come.

I squeeze my eyelids together still tighter and imagine that you are doing exactly what I am doing, and when I see that vision clearly I whisper your name and have a wonderful orgasm - squeezing and pressing my breasts against my body - bringing my legs together tightly and capturing my hand tightly against my pussy, which in turn is contracting against my fingers. The blackness I see with my eyes tightly closed turns to red and my heart is pounding and as I begin to withdraw my fingers I have a second, less intense, orgasm. Then I slowly relax. I catch my breath and allow myself to drift back to sleep, knowing you won't be back in my dreams tonight, but also knowing that you will be back again soon, and that you will always be near.
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