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Master's Boot

Master's Boot

My heart pounds as Master "B" plays with my wet slit with his dark brown boot. I am in one of his favorite positions as I tremble from fatigue, and sweat runs down my forehead. My body wobbles over my feet but I do not fall over. I know better and my reward for my obedience is priceless.

Both arms feel like wet spaghetti after a short time. I am aware of how wet I am and the effect my Master has on me. His eyes constantly scan my face and all parts of my body. Dark brown nipples are rock hard and my bare pussy is tingling. I clear my throat and swallow hard, trying to keep my legs from feeling like rubber. I smile, gritting my teeth with twinkles in my dark slanted eyes.

They shine as pretty as diamonds. My heart pounds like thunder over and over. I love and desire my Master in every way. His intelligence and dominance has gotten me hooked. The way his eyes shine through me, as if he could see into my soul is exhilarating. My Master "B" knows what I secretly desire, what I long for, and he knows what a beautiful and sensual Pet I am. He loves to play mind games with me, pushing my limits to the maximum.

He loves to push just to the edge, until I come harder than I have before in my life. His eyes are electric as they peer into mine and I feel the heat inside my soul get as hot as can be. "Master B?", I ask him with flushed cheeks and a throbbing pussy. My voice almost cracks and my beloved Master motions for me to relax and get into my desired position.I lean towards him and kiss his boot lightly. I can smell his body scent (which always turns me on) and a hint of roses and hydrangeas from outside. The air is also thick with sexual tension as sweat runs down my forehead and back.

I say thank you and sit on my knees. His strong hands caress my face so softly I wonder if I imagined it. One hand caressing me, then the other hand. He allows me to kiss his palms afterwards. It is an honor as I am his and only his.

He gets off of his chair and picks me up, kissing me passionately and I kiss him back equally hungry. His mouth tastes like honey, his eyes dark and liquid and full of fire. I wrap my legs around his waist as he walks to my en suite bathroom. He sets me down and runs a cool bath in which I'll become clean and fresh again. He knows my weakness is my long black hair. When he washes it and brushes it after our bath, it shines gloriously. I lean backwards as he washes between my legs, gently. Strong tan hands caress my small and fit body, making my nipples hard.

I turn around and sit down on his lap, feeling him harden under me. My hands are wet, grasping at the sides of the tub. He cups my face and as he rinses my pussy, he inserts one finger up to the first knuckle as I groan and move against him. His eyes are dark with gold flecks. He nibbles on my lip and then we kiss deeply. I play with his slit and head of his bulbous, purple head. He stops me and starts to finger me deeper, then adds another finger.

Master "B" suckles on my ear and then my neck, still fingering me, but harder than before. This feels sinfully hot as I thrust my hips and throbbing pussy into his hand. I come hard as we kiss and I wrap my arms around his neck, moaning his name. He coos into my right ear what a good Pet I am, and how very beautiful he finds me.

I'm his star, his Muse. I love to be his slut, his baby girl. I see and feel fireworks as I ride his cock and he takes me doggy style and then he lubes up my ass and fucks me until he comes. He keeps wrapping his fingers in my hair and then kisses me as he turns my face to him. It is my turn to clean him up in the shower and to get him off with my hands and mouth, skillfully. His body is so beautiful. His face even more so. I get dressed and go home, but not before I trace his lips with my fingers. I'm flying in ecstasy as I leave, knowing we'll see each other again soon.

And after a long time, he tells me that he loves me. I had already loved him before but kept silent until he tells me. You just never know how much fun you can have if only you find the one to spark with. Even more fun if one is yin to another's yang.

Master "B" sends me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers the next day as my female co-workers turn slightly green with obvious envy.

I love my Master's boot and to be his.


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