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Midnight surprise

Midnight surprise

Thomas was at his local coffee shop flirting with Teri. They were setting up an encounter later on that night. Jenny was making all the drinks for the customers. She kept giving him that he is a bad man eye.

Thomas told Teri bye and walked down to the end of the counter to pick up his coffee.

"Why do you always come here to pick up girls here?" Jenny asked.

“I really come here cause all of the hot girls that work here, especially you Jenny," he responded.

"I'm not stupid if you want a one night stand or a quickie, you just got to say so! No bull shitting required!" Jenny replied back to Thomas.

He went home for the day waiting for Teri to stop by later that evening. Sometime between the time of eleven and midnight that night his door bell rang. He quickly opened two beers and set them down on the living room table.

"Teri the door is unlocked, come on in, " he yelled out.

Thomas was sitting on the couch in his lounge pants and a shirt. When a pair of hands went over his eyes. Then the lights went off and she turned his TV off with the remote.

"What I can't take a look at you Teri?" Thomas asked.

"Hush be quite Thomas, you talk to much sweetie."

Then she walked around the couch and stood in front of him, dropping to her knees in front of him and spreading his knees apart. She reached up and quickly pulled down his pants. She reached inside and pulled out his soft cock, intentionally moving quickly before he could start to get hard. Her excitement grew a little more as she felt his cock for the first time.

“Damn, it’s big even when it’s soft!” she said, holding it in her hand and feeling it start to grow at her touch. “I’ve always wanted to suck a man hard, to feel his big cock grow in my mouth!”

“Then you’d better hurry up,” he cautioned.

Without another word she put her lips around the head of his cock and sucked his cock into her mouth, catching him soft enough so that she was able to take all of his soft length into her mouth. She loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth, sitting on her tongue, feeling his pubic hair tickling her nose as she sucked on his shaft, relishing it while she had the chance. She felt his cock begin to respond immediately, quickly getting harder, thicker, and longer in her mouth, and she began sliding her mouth up and down his length as his cock grew. She was able to take all of his cock in her mouth, pressing her nose into his pubic hair, five times before his cock was too big for her to do that again. She kept moving her mouth up and down his hardening cock as it grew longer and thicker in her mouth, stretching her mouth open as it grew on her tongue. She reached into his pants and pulled out his big balls, kneading them in her fingers as his cock quickly grew to its full length, thickness, and hardness.

Thomas sat back as she sucked him hard, marveling at how good she was at it and how good it felt. When he was fully hard she was still able to take nearly seven of his ten inches into her mouth, sucking hard on his shaft and running her tongue all over and around the head as she sucked on him. She was relentless, intent on making him cum, sliding her mouth up and down his shaft, now glistening with her saliva.

“That’s it, Teri, pump it out of me,” he said quietly as he felt her suck his cock in the dark.

She loved his cock in her mouth, loved the way it had gotten hard so quickly for her, and she would love it when he came in her mouth and she swallowed his cum.

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna make me cum,” he said.

She didn’t say a word but increased the suction on his cock, increasing the tempo of her mouth sliding up and down his shaft and squeezing it harder with her hand. She wanted him to cum.

And a few moments later she got her wish. Thomas leaned back in the sofa, threw his head back and groaned loudly as his cock erupted in her mouth. She felt his balls shift in her hand and his cock widen in her mouth, and a spilt second later she felt his cock begin pumping in her hand and in her mouth as his cum exploded out of the head of his cock, shooting into her mouth and down her throat. She slid her mouth slowly up his shaft, sucking the cum from him, holding the head in her mouth as she gripped the slick shaft with both hands. She pumped his shaft several times in her hands to get the last bit of cum out, then released the head of his cock from her mouth with a slight ‘pop.’ She sat back on her haunches, both hands still gripping his cock.

"If I would have known you was this big . I would have done this long ago!" she said.

Thomas flipped on the television. Only to finally realize that it wasn't Teri. It was Jenny the girl that made the drinks at the coffee shop. He just looked at her and shook his head.

"Why did you do this?" he asked with a shit eating smirk on his face.

"I was tired of you hitting on everyone but me. So I decided to take matters into my own hands!" she replied.

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