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Milking my fantasy and forbidden fruit

Milking my fantasy and forbidden fruit

10 years of pent up frustration relieved as he finally visits her in Berlin
I open my eyes to his hard cock just an inch from my mouth. We had agreed last night that I would wake him in 'a special way.' I see how his veins contrast against his pale length, so peaceful as he sleeps and all mine to gaze at. I can smell my juices on him, mixed with his own and smile inwardly. This is how we had left things last night, both still hungry for more but too tired to continue despite needing to relieve ten years of pent up frustration. Our naked bodies were now sprawled across the bed, with a trail of randomly dispersed clothes telling the story of how we got there.

We had been at school together but he was in a long term relationship throughout. It was only during that last drunken evening that we had happened to finally talk about our mutual desires. Perhaps it was knowing that the risk of anything materialising was gone, since I wasn't staying in Scotland for university, that had provoked the unexpected intimate confession.

The gazing has had its effect on me and I feel my nipples are now hard and start to caress those sensitive buds on my ample breast. As my fingers float over my large, dark areola I purse my lips and push a stream of air outwards, targeting his closely shaven sack. I instinctively wrap my lips around his scrotum and run my tongue over it in a circular motion. The steady rhythm of his breathing is uninterrupted but his manhood twitches and as I feel it brush against my nose I close my eyes and inhale deeply.

While I had gone back to my native Germany to attend university I learnt that he had stayed put in Edinburgh, started working immediately and set up home with his girlfriend a couple of years later. On my side as a student in a vibrant city like Berlin I had enjoyed my sexuality fully with many male and female partners but I still wanted him, my forbidden fruit.

I release his little sack of cum from my mouth; I enjoy the fact that this is where it is stored and from where I will make it start its journey out of him and into me. I very gently position my thumb and forefinger on either side of his head. As I gradually pull back the foreskin his purple bell gradually reveals itself to me. I feel my finger move over the ridge and down onto the shaft as all of the skin is finally pulled back. I repeat this gesture in slow motion, over and over again, studying his sex intimately. At this particular moment in time it is there for me and me alone.

I had received a mail out of the blue; he was coming to Berlin for business and said he wanted to meet up. We had had no direct contact in all this time although we both knew in detail how our respective lives had evolved. I even knew about many of his intimate details and what aroused him and had played them over in my mind preparing the script for an eventual meeting. I had planned last night and what we would do a thousand times as I lay in bed with my hand buried between my legs, but without ever really expecting it to react fruition, for my most cherished fantasy to be realised. In truth, the reality had far exceeded any of my fantasies and I wondered if they would still be sufficient after actually having had him.

I look up at his face; he looks so peaceful as he sleeps, not alive with passion and lust as he was last night. His precum has been dribbling out of his shaft for some time now and I have enjoyed surveying the gravitational forces at work, watching it trickle down over my fingers and his sexual organs. I open my mouth and let my tongue fall out, like a cat after the cream. I run it from the base of his shaft up towards the head and suddenly notice how wet I am; my body's natural reaction preparing me to receive him inside of me. Except that he won't be using this particular orifice right now but we can't reason with our body's natural programming.

My lips gradually engulf his swollen cock, sucking on his head. One hand busies itself with massaging his balls while the other is occupied wanking him into my mouth. I continue this routine slowly and gently, so as not to stir his mind; this is purely for his body. Maintaining a steady rhythm, I soon feel his balls tightening against his body and pull them down gently in my hand. Sucking down harder and increasing the speed with which my other hand is pumping his hard dick my morning's mission is accomplished and I feel jet after jet of his milky cum hit the back of my throat. I glance up and his face is serene, a picture of absolute contentment. I frame it in my mind as I swallow his seed.

As we lie there my mobile phone vibrates and he stirs from his reverie. He looks a little lost but smiles broadly as he sees me down in his lap. I see that it is ten already and it is Emma's name that appears on the screen; my best and oldest friend, and his wife. I turn the phone off. He is still mine for the next few hours; she will have him back soon enough.
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