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Mister O

In your corner, tied up and waiting.

It was a cold December night, the temperature had dropped to zero degrees and the full moon shone bright on the clear, dark sky. I drove home after a movie-night with friends, enjoying the silence of the night. No human in sight, just me and my thoughts in the beautiful moonlight. His words haunting me, like an echo in my head;

“In your corner, tied up and waiting.”

I took a deep breath of cold air, all I wanted was to obey him. The whole night I thought of these words. Secretly looking at my telephone screen during the movie and for some reason, I could not wait to let him know I was in my corner, like a good girl.

Carefully I walked up the stairs to not wake my roommates up, I undressed until I was fully naked. My nipples hardened as the cold air from my slightly opened window welcomed my warm and naked body. I put on a small, satin dressing gown and got on my knees on the cold floor in my corner next to my bed, nothing more than my braid over my shoulder and the thin fabric against my wanting body.

I could feel my breath quicken as I got my phone and told him what a good girl I was. He wanted proof and so I obeyed again. Not tied up was the first thing he noticed and I felt like I let him down. I needed him for that, I wanted him to tie me up so I could be obedient to him. My phone lit up, he called. A little nervous and afraid I would wake my roommates up I whispered a short “Hi.”

His voice telling me to take off my gown and so I did, a sigh escaped my mouth. A little timorous that he could hear the longing. Enticed by the thought of his presence, of him binding my hands together, my heartbeat went faster. My imagination ran wild and with the sound of his voice in my ear, I could almost feel him. Tilting my head back to the thought of his grip around my braid, pulling my head a little to the back. As he held his thick object of my desire in front of me I salivated, even more so when I parted my lips. Looking up at him with lusty eyes, hands on my back and my body writhing in anticipation. I bit my lower lip, opened my mouth a little more and stuck out my tongue as an invitation. He moved a little closer, just enough so the tip of my tongue could lightly touch the moisture of his laden tip. Salty, yet sweet. I looked up into his eyes and I could see his desire grow as I parted my lips more to allow him to enter my watering mouth. A moan escaped my mouth as I took his full length in. A sound of appreciation came from his depths and he pulled away, he drew my head back again with a firm grip around my hair.

“Sit on the bed with your legs spread, I want to taste you.”

With a look of slight panic, I swallowed, go up and sat on the bed. He got on his knees and with my hands tied on my back he had complete control over me. A glistening bead between my legs gave away my desire, before he got a taste of me he demanded me to stay quiet so no one would wake up. Ever so slowly his tong licked my inner thighs and I bit my lip not to make a sound as his mouth came closer and closer to my begging slit. He made me throb as I could feel his breath against my skin, making me crazy with lust until he finally started to kiss my pussy lips. Licking me slowly as he looked up at me.  

My deep gasping breaths started to shake and his hand found its way up to my throat, one by one his fingers wrapped around the side of my neck. My breathing steadied slightly and became more shallow. Gradually he applied pressure between his thumb and fingers as I closed my eyes. He pressed harder and held on tighter as he reduced my breath. My body began to twitch, grinding against his lips as he slid one finger in. A deep moan filled the quiet night and with begging eyes I looked down at him. He could see I could not hold it any longer and he shut my mouth making me taste myself with his lips as I came, moaning into his mouth.

As my moaning faded he loosened my hands and told me to get on my knees. With one hand on my hip and one hand covering my mouth, he entered me with one hard thrust. As he steadily plunged deeper I tried to hold in all sound. The pleasure in mounding and his thrusting became viciously now. He made me feel so thrilled, so dirty, yet so alive. I could feel he was getting close and a hoarse voice I could hardly recognize said close to my ear;

“Do you want it, tell me how much you want it.”

An unannounced blow to my left butt cheek made me swallow a moan, a second one now on my right cheek and I could feel goose bumps appear on my skin. He pulled my hair as far back as my back could arch and started to hammer me uncontrollably, until he finally collapsed. All his weight atop of me, still buried in me, shaking in sheer devilish delight. I had been a good girl and the only thing I could hear was our shallow breaths in a sleeping house.

“Are you being a bad girl?”

The words coming from my phone awoke me like from a dream.

“Yes sir, I am.”


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