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Moments in Time: A Reversal of Expectations

Moments in Time: A Reversal of Expectations

In which tables may be the only thing not turned

"Beautiful, you are so sensuous, Miss, I just want to get between your silken thighs and pleasure you with my slutty tongue."

As introductions from young blondes wearing only a black silk chemise went, that went nicely. I'd known her for some time, but this evening, when we went back to her flat "for a drink," it was clear both of us had more on our minds. Her emergence from her bedroom in nothing but a seer, see-through chemise, settled my mind - even as it did other things to my pussy and nipples. Always happy to oblige, I shifted position, lifting my dress up and parting my thighs. She could see my knickers, the wet patch and my stocking-tops.

"Miss, you know I love sexy lingerie. You look so sensuous; my little bald cunt is so wet for you."

Again, you could not fault the Blonde for her directness.

"You like?" I asked, opening wider.

"Yes Miss, I’m ecstatic. I think about you every day. There is nothing on this earth I want more at this moment."

As though to prove a point, her fingers slide up her chemise to her cunt, and lewdly, she began fingering herself. I'd been wet already, but now my knickers were positively sticky. There was more than an itch which needed to be more than scratched.

"Can I, Miss?" She looked all submissive, kneeling, crawling towards me, smiling.

What the fuck, I thought to myself, welcoming her between my thighs.

Her fingers began teasing my labia, her tongue licking around my wetness. I felt her tongue touch my clit.

"You have such a sweet little clit, so suckable." Her voice was sultry, dripping with erotic purpose, just like my cunt.

"I want to see more of that little clitty, it is so pretty, open a bit more, let me part your lips."

Her tongue was licking up and down my slit. She parted my legs wider.

"Your cunt is mine!"

She thrust two fingers straight in, and I grunted as I struggled to grasp the change.

"Did you hear me, I own your pretty little cunt."

At that, she thrust those fingers all the way up me, my cunt ached, I squealed.

"Yes, miss."

"Yum, your juices are run down to your rosebud, forming a puddle."

Her tongue began licking my anal hole, as I felt it opens, letting my juices fill it. I raised my legs for her.

"I am going to bugger your arse-hole and finger-fuck your cunt, you are mine now."

I opened up for her, feeling her finger push through my wet asshole and past the muscle, as she licked my cunt, generating more lubrication.

"You love it, you slut, you are writhing around on my tongue." She laughed, and then got back to working me.

Her finger played in and out of my arse-hole, and she was fingering me in time with those in my cunt.

"Your arse is so tight, slut, so fucking tight, I love it."

It was clear from her fingers that that was true.

Suddenly my arse-hole felt empty. Her finger was suddenly by my mouth.

"Suck, taste yourself."

I did as I was told. There was a slightly acrid taste, but also the familiar taste of my cunt juice.

"Now, on the floor."

I lay back.

She squatted above me, driving her cunt into my face. I gripped her arse as she rode me.

Engulfed between her silken thighs, my world contracted to her cunt, and I gave it all I had. My tongue slide into her like a little cock, and I fucked her with it, my nose rubbing against her clit. I then sucked on her clit, blowing it, licking, flicking. I could feel her gyrate on my face, her moaning ever louder. I responded by licking and sucking faster. She ground her cunt into my face, hard. She came.

When I say, she came, I mean like a steam train - lots of noise and gushing waters.

I lapped gently as she wound down, just little licks to keep her stimulated. She rose to her feet. I suddenly felt bereft. It had been warm and safe, after a fashion.

"Kneel, bitch!"

I knelt. I looked. She had a big black strap-on.

"Suck my cock, bitch."

O opened my mouth, sucking the tip, before sliding my mouth down the rest of it, sucking, drawing my cheeks in as I sucked. My head moved up and down the ribbed shaft.

"My balls are full of fake cum I’m going to give you all of it, slut!"

I squeezed her balls. She squirted. I gagged, couldn't take it all, drooling from the corners of my mouth.

She pulled out, as I coughed and spluttered.

"You'd like to cum, wouldn't you?" She smiled.

"I suspect, Miss, that is up to you." I smiled back.

"We understand each other so well. I hope you will do the same for me on our next date?"

I smiled back.

"That's one way to ensure this is not a one-night stand." We both smiled and kissed.



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