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Morning Glory

Sometimes you just need a good fucking.
Lying in bed, I sighed deeply and looked over at my boyfriend. I’d been awake for an hour or two now, but it felt like more. I’d had an intense, wet dream and the sensation from it didn’t seem to go away. A quick check down my panties as I woke up had told me that I was soaking wet - something I was determined to take care of. I thought it would be a good idea to wait for him to wake up, to have him fuck me into the mattress. But I knew he’d been up late last night and to be frank, I wasn’t expecting him to wake up anytime soon.

So I did what any girl would do. I stopped giving a fuck about the man next to me and instead pushed down my panties, pulled my tank top over my head and threw it across the room. My hands slowly found their way to my breasts, fingertips grazing over already hardened nipples. As much as I loved any breast play, or any kind of drawn out foreplay, I was dripping onto the sheets. I let one hand remain on a breast as the other quickly found its way between my legs.

I drew in a sharp breath as I felt my fingers brushing over my clit. The first touch was always my favorite, it was the one touch you’d been craving and the one touch that was the start of it all. I didn’t waste any time, I started rubbing my clit, the pleasure sending shivers down my spine as soft moans escaped my lips. I couldn’t stay quiet, not when every touch set fire to my skin.

I was lost in the moment, eyes slipped shut and fingers furiously rubbing away at my clit that I barely paid attention to the movement on the bed next to me. Before I knew it, my legs had been pushed apart, my hand had been moved and the tip of a cock was teasing my entrance. I knew exactly who it was before I even opened my eyes. But when I did, a smirk appeared on my lips and I stared up at my boyfriend who stared back at me with eyes dark with lust. I opened my mouth to speak, voice soft, ”Are you going to fuck me hard?”

He didn’t respond. He didn’t have to. All he had to do was push his long, thick cock inside my wet cunt. My back arched off of the bed as I felt him fill me up, almost to the point where it was painful as my tight walls clenched around him, my wetness covering his cock. His hands grabbed my hips and he started thrusting into me, not showing me any mercy as his cock pushed into me hard and fast, every movement sending waves of pleasure through my body. His cock felt amazing inside me and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.

Moan after moan left my lips, occasionally followed by a curse word as he kept thrusting harder and faster, his cock reaching every nerve in my pussy.

”Oh fuck, your cock feels so good inside me.”

I’d never been much for dirty talk but fuck, I loved his cock and the way it made me feel. And I knew the words themselves would be enough to help push him closer to the edge - something that seemed to come as a surprise to him. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me, his hips slowing down and becoming more erratic. It didn’t take long until he stopped moving completely, his cock shooting its warm, delicious seed inside me, filling me up even more. I moved a hand down as hell, my fingers quickly resuming their previous actions as they started rubbing my clit. I followed my boyfriend only seconds after, my tight walls tightening around his softening cock as I came hard, back arched off of the bed and loud moans escaping my lips. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through my body as I was finally reaching the one point I’d been wanting to reach ever since I woke up.

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