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Morning Wood

Be careful what you wish for....

As I slowly awake, enjoying the warmth of your body spooned next to mine, a naughty thought crosses my still sleepy brain. Deciding to go with it, I slowly stretch, pushing my bottom against you as you lay curved around my backside.

Feeling your growing erection, I rub a little harder and you murmur sleepily in my ear, “Unless you plan on taking care of that, you might want to hold still.”

“Oh I plan on taking care of it, Master. I woke up horny and I need to be fucked.”

“Is that so? Let me see if you are lying or telling the truth.” As you speak, you put a hand on my pussy and run a finger along my wet slit. I sigh as you slip the finger inside and lean forward, whispering in my ear, “That’s my good girl, you were telling me the truth. You’re very wet and ready for me.”

“Yes Master,” I respond breathlessly and writhe against you.

Reaching back, I stroke my hand up and down your hard length, enjoying the feel of its weight in my hand, imagining how it will stretch me as you fuck me. You always do; you’re so thick that my small hand barely fits around you!

Removing your finger from my cunt, I feel you position the blunt head of your cock at my entrance. “You ready baby? Ready for me to fuck you good?”

“Yes, please, I need to feel your thick cock stretching me, filling… ahhh…”

I gasp as you push your full length into me in one stroke.

“That’s what you get for teasing me this morning my naughty slave.”

“Then remind me to do it again another day.”

“That sassy mouth is going to get you into trouble,” you growl into my ear.

“Perhaps it needs something to occupy it?”

You grab a fistful of hair and tug back my head. “I will remember you said that.”

But now the time for talking is at an end. What you are doing to me leaves me breathless and wanting even more. I gasp again in surprise and pleasure as you pummel me from behind and pull my hair. I instantly get even wetter because of my Master’s wonderful cock drilling into me. I’m sure he knows why I am so wet, but I would never easily admit it.

“Does my little slave like that? Does she like when I pull her hair?”

“No,” I say and try to shake my head, but I can’t, you have my hair tight in your fist.

“Don’t lie to me. Do you like when I do this?” You pull harder this time.

Again I feel myself get wetter. “No,” I gasp, “I don’t like it when you pull my hair.”

“I said, don’t lie to me. I will give you one more chance to tell the truth. If you lie again, I will pull my cock out of your sopping wet pussy, spank your bare ass and then make you suck me clean of your own juices. Then you will continue to suck me until I cum and you will not get to cum at all.”

You lightly tug my hair. “Don’t forget I can tell when you are lying to me. Now, for the last time…” you pull harder… “do you like it when your Master pulls your hair?”

With each word you tug on my hair but, as I start cumming, I say, “No Master, I do not like it when you pull my hair.”

Oh shit! I meant to say “Yes!”

“That’s it, you lying brat, you are cumming so hard on my cock it is running down your leg! My little slave needs to learn not to lie to her Master!”

You stop fucking, withdrawing your hard, throbbing cock from my drenched pussy. Then you put me across your knees and smack my bare ass with your hand!

“I told you what would happen if you continued to lie to me.”

“I am sorry…”



I squirm but I boldly say, “I know it turns you on when I defy you a little, Master.”

“And I told you what would happen if you kept lying, didn’t I?”


“Ouch… yes, Master.”

You smack my ass hard one last time then push me off. Before I realize what you’re doing, you pull me up by my hair and shove you hard cock, covered in my own juices, halfway down my throat. Instinctively, I start to push you away.

“Hands off of me,” you growl. “Put them behind your back. Now!”

I immediately comply and you thrust your fat cock in and out of my mouth, sometimes holding it deep in my throat. I didn’t have time to think that I was sucking your cock while it was coated in my juices. Given that time, I might have been a little disgusted but, as you rapidly fuck my mouth, I realize it actually isn’t really that bad. The mixture of my juices and your pre-cum tastes kind of good. I might have a new favorite snack! Now, I know you’re about to cum. Your swollen cock is thicker, your thrusts shorter and faster, and your hands tighten in my hair.

“Swallow every drop when I cum, slave. Don’t waste a single drop of my gift.”

I try to nod as my mouth is too full to speak. You start cumming and I busily, greedily swallow every drop like a good slave. When you finish, you pull your cock out, smile down at me and pull me into your lap. Hugging me tightly, you praise me for being a good slave and say that you love me. Smiling, contented, I doze off in my Master’s arms.

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