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Mr. Brown's two whores

Mr. Brown fucked a hot model and her secretary to help the model to raise money for a charity.
“Oh, hi! What are you doing here?” Tracy said, as Mr. Brown entered in her make-up room.

Tracy was a model. She was tall, had blonde hair and fine 36C size boobs. Today, Tracy was shooting for a commercial for Mr. Brown’s company. Mr. Brown was forty years old, and had several big companies all over the world.

Tracy was twenty-two years old, and at such young age, she started supporting the charities who worked to help children and women. A week after, Tracy was going to organize a charity even to raise money for the school of blind kids in the city.

“Well, you are shooting for my company so I personally came to ask if everything is okay,” Mr Brown said, closing the door. He looked at Tracy's secretary-cum-make-up artist, Amy, who also looked quite hot in her red blouse.

“That’s very sweet of you, Mr. Brown. Yes, everything is fine,” Tracy replied with a smile.

Tracy was sitting in front of the mirror, wearing a sexy black bikini. Mr. Brown just couldn’t take his eyes off Tracy.

“And, I heard that you are going to do a charity event?” Mr. Brown said.

“Yes, I am.”

“Well I have a $10,000 check for you, but…” Mr. Brown said.

“But?” Tracy turned to Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown looked at Tracy’s fine boobs in that black bikini top, and he felt his cock getting hard.

“But, I would like something in return.”

“What do you want, Mr. Brown?”

Mr. Brown looked at Amy.

“You can say anything in front of her,” Tracy said, showing her trust on Amy.

“You have beautiful lips, Tracy. Last night, I had a dream of you sucking my cock, and I can give you that $10,000 check if you can fulfill my dream,” Mr. Brown came straight to business.

“Check, please,” Tracy stretching her hand in front of Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown picked out a check from the pocket of his coat, and handed it to Tracy. Tracy looked at the check, put it in a drawer and then got on her knees in front of Mr. Brown. She quickly unzipped Mr. Brown’s pants and took out his nice big cock.

“Whoa! You are fast,” Mr. Brown looked a little surprised.

Tracy smiled, and stroked Mr. Brown’s cock. Amy stood there and watched Tracy sucking nice hard cock of Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown got more excited to have a two beautiful woman with him in a room.

“You have a nice cock,” Tracy said, as pulled the cock out of her mouth and licked its shaft.

Mr. Brown first looked down at Tracy’s face and her beautiful lips wrapped around his hard cock, and then he looked at Amy. Amy smiled in response.

“Umm… what can I have for a $25,000 check?” Mr. Brown said, as he picked out another check from his pocket. Tracy smiled, grabbed the check, and put it in the drawer too. She got up and took off her bikini bottoms. She turned and bent over a small stool. Mr. Brown smiled, looking at the big ass of Tracy. “So fucking beautiful,” Mr. Brown said, as he touched Tracy’s ass.

“Do it, fast. I have a photo shoot session in a few minutes,” Tracy told Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown pulled down his pants to his knees and pushed his cock all the way inside Tracy’s fine pussy.

“Fuck, you are tighter than I had expected.”

“I’m not a whore, Mr. Brown,” Tracy replied.

“For me, you are a hot whore,” Mr. Brown said, and fucked Tracy hard.

He reached for Tracy’s fine boobs and squeezed them through her bikini top. Amy came to Tracy, and took off her bikini top.

“Oh, fuck. Yes,” Tracy moaned, as she reached closer to her orgasm.

After a few minutes of fucking and making Tracy cum all over his cock, Mr. Brown pulled out his cock. He asked Tracy to suck his cock more. Tracy sat on the stool and sucked Mr. Brown’s cock. Tracy tasted her own cum from Mr. Brown’s cock and after getting fuck hard, she did look like a whore.

Mr. Brown pushed his cock deeper in Tracy’s throat and shot his cum. He pulled out his cock, and some cum dropped on Tracy’s boobs.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold it,” Mr. Brown said.

Tracy swallowed the cum she had in her mouth, and then asked Amy for some tissues. Tracy cleaned the cum off her boobs and face. She looked in the mirror and asked Amy to do a little touch-up. Mr. Brown pulled up his pants and sat down on a chair in the room.

“Thank you, Mr. Brown,” Tracy said putting on her bikini again, and she left to do the photo shoot.

“Do you have any more checks, Mr. Brown?” Amy asked, as Tracy left.

“Umm… I have $2,000 in cash,” Mr. Brown replied with a smile.

“Fine with me, I’m a cheap whore,” Amy said and she got on her knees.

Mr. Brown’s pants were down to his ankles, and Amy was sucking his cock better than Tracy did a moment ago. After a couple of minutes, Amy stopped and asked for the cash. Mr. Brown emptied his pockets. Amy put the cash in her purse, and then took off her skirt and panties. She grabbed Mr. Brown’s cock and sat in his lap, facing him. Mr. Brown enjoyed Amy’s dripping wet pussy. Amy rode Mr. Brown’s cock, and took off her blouse to let Mr. Brown suck on her 36D size boobs.

“Fuck, this is the best day of my life,” Mr. Brown groaned.

Amy smiled and rode Mr. Brown’s cock until he came inside her pussy.

“Hmm… so good,” Amy moaned.

Suddenly Tracy entered in the room and was shocked to see Amy riding Mr. Brown’s cock.

“I just thought to make some extra money,” Amy said getting off Mr. Brown.

Tracy didn’t say a word but laughed loud.

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