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A student shows her friends how to multi-task

“C’mon guys, stop fucking around and get over here. We need to get this done,” said Emma with a sigh.

Tall, lanky and with small boobs and round glasses, she was your typical bookworm.

The two guys she was talking to were Freddy and Gary. Freddy was like Emma; tall, reed-thin with glasses while Gary was, short, overweight and didn’t wear glasses.

The three of them were in Emma’s dorm room where they were supposed to finish a project for one of their classes. Instead of doing the research, the boys used Emma’s laptop to watch porn video clips.

“Stop being such a bore Emma, we have plenty of time,” said Garry with his fat little fingers on the keyboard and his eyes glued to the two lesbians on the screen licking each other.

Emma sighed and flicked through a book while taking notes on a notepad. She liked Gary and Freddy but sometimes they were so childish. She got the whole porn thing, neither of them had any chances of getting real sex since they were like her; nerds. She heard them giggling like school girls, and then said, “Please, knock it off and do the research.”

Freddy turned from where he sat next to Gary. “You seem to be doing fine, just look at you multi-tasking and all. It amazes me how you can read and write at the same time. I have to read first and then write.”

Not taking her eyes from the book, Emma said, “I guess it’s a benefit. I can also do other things.”

“Like what?” said Freddy

Emma looked up at him and gave him a sly smile. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Yeah, I would.”

Gary was still staring at the lesbians and didn’t pay much attention to his friends talking, that was until Emma said, “I can use my vibrator and come at the same time as I read a book, and then quote the entire text without any errors.”

At the word vibrator, Gary’s jaw dropped and Freddy swung around.

“What, you have a vibrator, how cool is that?” Freddy said.

“Sure I have, most girls I know have one. That way we don’t have to worry about having to look for guys and it gives us more time to study.”

The three had been friends for close to four years now and the guys had no idea that Emma owned a vibrator and the fact was such a turn on that Gary couldn’t help saying, “Can we watch you use it, please?”

Emma looked at them over the rim of her glasses. They looked like to puppies begging for a treat so she sighed and said, “Fine, but then we finish this project.”

Gary and Freddy grinned like idiots and nodded their heads.

From the drawer in her night stand, Emma took out a normal size vibrator shaped like a torpedo and moved her books and notepad away. Then she pulled up her skirt around her hips and moved her panties to one side. With her teeth, she turned the nob on the toy which began to buzz quietly. The guys stared transfixed as she let it run along the slit of her hairy pussy.

“Fuck me, that looks so hot,” whispered Gary and Freddy nodded his agreement. They both had hard ons and without even asking for permission they took them out and began to jerk off.

“Eww, guys, please, not in my room,” said Emma with dreamy eyes.

They didn’t stop so she signed for them to come closer which they did. Gary had a short stubby cock while Freddy’s was long and slim. She took Freddy’s in her hand and opened her mouth so Gary could put his inside. While Gary and Freddy watched in amazement Emma fucked herself with the dildo while blowing Gary and jerking off Freddy. As her orgasm grew and she began to squirm she never stopped what she was doing, her eyes glazed over and her glasses fogged up but she kept going until the three of them came together. Freddy squirted thick globs of cum over her blouse and thigh while Emma moaned as Gary emptied his balls in her mouth. After she had swallowed and taken out the vibrator she said, “That, guys, is how you multi-task. Now, clean up and get me that research.”

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