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Mutual Arrangement

The most erotic time of my life

I don't know what gave me the courage to even start it. I don't know anything about her, not even her name. In fact, we have never spoken, not a single word. I know she works at the small library in our town and is about my age, mid-fifties. Like me, just an average person, not beautiful and sexy, slightly plump and always smartly dressed in a blouse and flared skirt that comes to her knee.

Sex was the last thing on my mind as I sat at a small table in the far corner of the little library. Thinking back, I can't remember the book that I was reading. What I can remember is seeing her standing beside me, back to me as she replaced books on a shelf.

Glancing towards her I was captivated by her legs, again, I don't know why there was something about the shape of her calves and the length of her skirt.

I don't even remember making a conscious decision to do it, but reaching out my hand, I gently touched the back of her left calf.

She made not a single movement. No attempt to move away, no angry outburst at being touched, just nothing.

Time seemed to stop as I slid my hand further up her leg, still getting no reaction apart from her slightly moving her legs apart.

Inch by inch my hand crept upwards until my fingers touched a naked hairy cunt. Still, she showed no sign of either alarm or acceptance.

Carefully, I slid two fingers inside her, by now, moist cunt, and started to gently finger fuck her.

Now for the first time, she reacted, and gently taking my wrist, pulled my hand away from her cunt and placed it back on the table.

Before I had time to gather my wits, she moved silently away towards a small door in the far wall and, turning to look at me, beckoned with one finger for me to follow her.

The door opened into a small room which contained rows of dusty books and one enormous leather armchair.

As I followed her into the room my silent companion closed the door behind me and turned the key in the lock. In total silence, she walked over to the chair. Hitched her skirt up to her waist and sat back in it, placing a leg over each arm.

As if in a dream I knelt before her, and leaning forward. used both hands to open the lips of her hairy cunt to expose a fairly pronounced clit and moist inner folds of a mature cunt.

As if drawn by a magnet my tongue licked up and down the swollen nub and slid down to her now-dripping cunt. After only a few minutes she gave an almost imperceptible shudder and a copious flow of juice ran into my mouth, I knew she had cum on my tongue.

Without a word, she pushed my head away, stood up and pointed for me to sit in the chair. A few seconds later I found myself sitting back and her fingers deftly unzipping my jeans. The feeling of her soft hand stroking my hard cock was one of the most erotic I could remember. When my cock slid into her warm mouth, I almost came off on the spot. Somehow she sensed this and while squeezing my hard shaft with one hand, let the head of my cock rest in her mouth.

For the next few minutes, I received the best blow job I had ever known. Her control was masterful; every time my climax approached, she backed off. I have used edging on myself, but to have it done by a woman I had only met half an hour ago was in a class of its own.

Time and again I felt her hot saliva run over the swollen head of my cock until I reached the point of no return. The flow of precum increased. My balls tightened, my shaft hardened even more and jets of hot spunk poured into her waiting mouth. Again her ability to give the greatest pleasure came to the fore. She continued to mouth fuck my cock as it slid in and out of her spunk-filled mouth until she finally swallowed the entire load.

Without a word, she lifted her mouth from my cock, stood up, turned, unlocked the door and left the room.

A minute later, my cock now firmly back in my jeans, I followed. She was standing looking at a shelf and carefully rearranging books.

For a brief moment, our eyes met before she turned back to her work and I left the library.

That was a month ago. Now every Wednesday, two o’clock finds me sitting at the same small table, and every Wednesday she will open the small room and we silently repeat the most fantastic sexual experience of my life.

Today is Wednesday. It is a quarter to two, time to head for our silent, mutual arrangement.


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