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My Favourite Number

It reminds me so much of you.
69. There's no better number in my opinion. Technically, it's just a number, but let's admit it Lushies - we all know what pops in to your mind when you think of it. I'll admit, I'm exactly the same. In fact, I'll even go in to detail. This is what I think of.

I am in the shower, the hot water streaming over my skin as I chat to you from behind the curtain. Unfortunately our shower is just too small to both be in there together, so you are waiting patiently for your turn. Finishing up, I turn the taps clockwise to stop the water flow, and I push the curtain away. You are standing there, your eyes taking in my wet body, drops falling from my breasts and down my stomach.

You grab my hand and gently pull me out of the shower, holding my towel out for me to fall in to. You start to dry my body, starting from my shoulders and slowly working your way down. You pay special attention to my tits, rubbing the towel over first one nipple and then the other, making them stick out to attention.

You quickly become distracted and drop the towel, pushing me out of the bathroom and on to the bed. You lean in and your tongue quickly meets with mine in a duel, causing the heat in my cunt to flare up like a suddenly fuelled fire. I moan in to your mouth.

You slowly, almost reluctantly pull away from me, and I take the opportunity to push you on to your back. You smile at me as I lay between your legs, my hand caressing your balls. My tongue connects with the base of your cock, slowly sliding upwards as it jerks under my wet touch. I capture the tip in my mouth and suck hard, running my tongue through your slit and over your tip. I moan again at the taste of your pre-cum - so delish!

I get to work on fucking you with my mouth to your groans of approval. My pussy is soaked at my actions, I love sucking cock!

I shift my body to turn around so I am straddling your face. I hold your cock up and lean down to slip it back inside my mouth, and I lower my hot cave to your eagerly waiting mouth. I can't help it, I gently bite against your rod as I feel your tongue start to lick eagerly at my swollen clit, the sexy sweet juices trickling out for you to taste.

We continue slurping and sucking at each other in pure bliss. My hands wrap around the base of your cock, squeezing you further in to my mouth, and my tongue sneaks out past my plump lips to lick your shaft as your tip pulses against the back of my throat. Your hands are on my clit, a thumb rubbing me while your tongue fucks my cunt. I push my ass down lower so I can feel you further inside as my throat opens and my face lowers to your crotch, your tip sliding further along my throat. My muscles are tight as I suck you in, hitting the sides of your tip as you groan with each movement of your tongue. I can taste the beginning of my reward as your cock leaks in to my mouth.

I cry out around your cock when you increase the speed on my clit, your tongue pushing even further into me. I concentrate on sucking you against my cheeks and lips as you push me closer to releasing a cloud of sweet sticky rain over your face and on to your waiting tongue. You start to buck up in to my mouth and I moan, sending vibrations over your sensitive skin.

We cum together in a mind blowing wave of moans, your cock pulsing your cream down my throat. I swallow against your shaft as my pussy floods your face, your tongue still working to milk me dry.

So, you've probably figured it out by now - what is my favourite number? Well my Lush friends, it's 69. The number reminds me of our time spent together, and it never fails to make me instantly wet. Every time.

What would be the first thing that pops in to your mind if my red lips were to mouth just one simple thing to you. That's right. 69.
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