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My girlfriend's daughter, and I

One night, a younger woman intrudes on a older woman
I was in the shower, naked. I had no idea that just on the other side of the door, a horny, and sexy, Rhonda, was there. Rhonda was my girlfriend's eighteen-year-old, hot daughter.

She saw me as a hot, and older woman. I was clueless that she was attracted to me, until that one night. I got out of the shower, and as I was about to grab a towel, the door just swung open. I saw the lust in her eyes, and I loved it.

Without saying a word, she stripped herself. I was drenched, but she came right to me, and wrapped her arms around me. We made out passionately for about a minute, and then she slowly went down to my wet pussy. She immediately stuck in two fingers from each hand, and spread out my pussy lips. I moaned out loud, and put my hands right onto her head. I had no idea why she was doing this, but I didn't care.

She stuck her tongue up into my pussy as far as she could, and had me loving it. I leaned my head back, and tried to contain myself. I thought for sure, that I was dreaming. I forced her to insert her entire tongue into my pussy, and her face was completely drenched. She began moving her tongue around very quickly, and I was sure, that she had this planned out. I looked at her, and she looked right back me, with lust, and love.

As I was quickly reaching my breaking point, I fell to the floor. She immediately leaned down towards my pussy, and continued her feast. She began licking my pussy mercilessly, just the way that her mom did. She searched for my g-spot, but it wasn't a hard search. She found it in less than a minute. I commended her for that, and I began screaming very loudly.

Even though it echoed in there, it didn't stop her. I put my hands onto my boobs, and squeezed them to make sure I didn't cum too soon. It had worked before with her mom, but with her, it wasn't enough. In no time at all, I came all over her face, and she more than pleased. Neither one of us said a word, and I leaned up towards her.

I pushed her onto her back, and dove right into her glorious pussy. I stuck in my middle finger from right hand, along with my tongue, and made her love me a whole lot. I had her moving around nonstop, and screaming at the top of her lungs too. She began to clench up, and breathe heavily too. She was showing all the signs cumming like a waterfall, and I was eagerly waiting for the big payoff.

We looked right at each other again, but said nothing. I had her screaming so loudly, that I almost thought the window would break. She leaned up very quickly, and moaned angrily. With her hands on my head, she made me go in a bit deeper. By then, my entire tongue was inside her pussy. I did my best not to make her cum too early, but I also found her g-spot quickly , and I hit it perfectly.

I didn't even mean to, but I was just that good. She ejected her pussy juice all over my face, and she was quite happy with the results of her sudden intrusion. I climbed on top of her, and we made out for another minute. Then her mom showed up, and she quickly grabbed her clothes. She ran out just in time, and now I think I might pay her a visit. I must know if she is interested in trying it again.
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