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My husband's fantasies - voyeurism

I fucked a stranger in the park, while my husband watched me.
Wearing a flower patterned dress I headed towards a park near my house. The sun was ready to go down and the sky looked orange and dusty. I was thirty-five years old, but still people always checked me out. They just couldn’t avoid staring at my 36C size tits and huge cleavage.

I reached the park, and it had started getting a little darker. After walking a little more inside the park, I finally reached my destination. It was a little abandoned part of the park. Not many people came here. There was an old bench, and I rested my huge ass on it. The iron bench felt good and cold against my ass.

Ten minutes passed, I saw a young man coming towards me. He sat down on the other end of the bench. He noticed my sexy legs. He had a magazine in his hands and got busy in reading it.

He was tall, had short hair and looked fit in his green shirt and grey colored pants. He looked like he was in his early twenties. I always fantasized being in bed with a young guy. Sitting there on the bench, I started imagining him fucking me in missionary style. My pussy started getting wet, and I wanted to touch it.

Unaware of my wet cunt, the man was busy with his magazine. I slowly lifted my dress a little and rubbed my bare thighs. My fingers touched my inner thighs and soon the reached very close to my pussy. I couldn’t control myself, and touched my pussy.

The tip of my fingers felt the wetness of my pussy. Suddenly some squirrel made some sound around us, and the man looked around. Seeing no one around us, he again buried his head between the pages of his magazine. I thought he didn’t notice my hand under my dress, but I was wrong. After a couple of seconds, the man secretly looked at me, and then he couldn’t move his eyes back to his magazine.

I got dirtier to know that he was watching me. I was scared of being caught by someone else, but still I shamelessly touched my pussy. I inserted a finger in my pussy and started fucking myself. The man still held his magazine in his lap, but he only used it to hide his erection.

My dress lifted a little more up my thighs; instead of pulling it down, I lifted it up letting the man see my two fingers inside my pussy. He figured out that he was caught secretly watching me fucking my pussy, so now he proudly watched me.

“Don’t you wanna do it too? No one is here, you can relax yourself,” I said, as I noticed him adjusting his erection in his pants.

He didn’t reply me. However, after a minute, he put down the magazine on the bench between us, and pulled down his pants to his mid thighs. I was amazed to see his nice hard almost seven inches cock. He looked nervous, but couldn’t stop himself from stroking his cock. I felt hungry for his cock. I wanted to suck on his big cock head. I moved and turned a little towards him. Now he could see my pussy clearly. I pulled the fingers out of my dripping wet cunt and licked my juices. The man didn’t get surprise to see lick my own cum; I guessed he would have understood what a slut I was.

The man surely wanted something from me and that’s why when I moved closer to him, he also moved closer to me. I rubbed my pussy a little more, and then I grabbed the magazine, which was on the bench between us like a wall. I dropped the magazine on the ground and reached to grab his cock. He hesitated a little, but let me stroke himself. My hands must have felt better that his hands. The man also moved his hand and touched my wet pussy. We played with each other for a while.

Now it had been very dark in the park, almost everyone must had left. There was a small lamppost near our bench and it provided enough light to us. The man had his eyes closed, he enjoyed my hand on his cock, but next second my lips wrapped around his thick cock. He was shocked but leaned back into the bench, when I started moving my head up and down on his shaft.

“Would you like to fuck?” the man said.

I stopped sucking his cock and stood up in front of him. I lifted my dress and sat on his lap facing away him. I guided his cock inside my dripping wet cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned, and he started moving his cock up and down slowly. I helped him by moving my ass up and down on his hard dick. He grabbed my ass and let me ride his cock. I squeezed my boobs through my dress. As the man warned me that he was going to cum, I got off him and took his cock in my mouth. He filled my mouth with his cum. I quickly swallowed it and sat back on my side of the bench. The man looked at me and then quickly pulled up his pants. He left after a minute.

His magazine was still on the ground, I picked it up and headed to a tree, behind which my husband was waiting for me.

“I hope you have enjoyed that,” I said.

“I came all over my hands,” he said showing me the cum on his fingers. I licked his fingers clean with my tongue. His semi hard cock was still out of his pants. I got on my knees and sucked him. His cock got hard again, and he fucked me right there by bending me against the tree. I came all over his cock, he came in my mouth.

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