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My moment of play

While a husband sleeps a wife will play.
Stepping out of the bathroom I can see the slow rise and fall of your chest that lets me know you’re asleep. The top sheet is draped in a way that exposes you freely to me. I smile at your perfect form, and your gorgeous cock. I feel the tingle between my legs as my panties dampen.

The robe falls to the floor and my hands caress my breasts. I’ve been needy all day. Waiting for the moment I could come home to you. Home to your cock and the promise you made before I left for work this morning.

I sit down on the edge of the chair that’s on your side of the bed so I am able to keep you clearly in my view. I lean back as I pinch my now hard nipples. Pinching them and twisting them makes my head fall back and I moan; they are so sensitive.

My left hand glides down over my tummy and inside my panties. Feeling my soft, already slick lips I pull them apart and allow my fingers to move up and down from my clit to my opening. My clit is swollen and I am already so wet for you. Taking my middle finger I slowly circle my clit; swirling it until I reach the top then I reverse my path. Again and again I do this.

Soft little pants are slipping through my lips as I put more pressure on my clit; swirling it faster. Oh how I wish you were awake so it could be your fingers exciting me. Taking a path you have taken many times, two fingers move through my full swollen wet lips until I find my opening. I hesitate for just a moment before pushing my fingers deep inside my pussy.

“Ooh,” I moan out and my back arches.

I grin at my own wickedness. You’re sleeping so peacefully while I am over here chasing the orgasm that you promised me. I know that you would gladly wake for this moment, but there is something naughty about fucking myself so close to you without your knowledge. Knowing you could catch me; trying to come before you do.

My cunny is so warm, so slippery. I feel myself tightening around my fingers and begin to move faster. I press the heel of my hand to my clit rocking my fingers in and out of my pussy. My hips are rocking back and forth wanting more, needing more.

“Oh God,” I sigh out as more juices flood my channel.

Sweat is forming on my forehead and my body starts to quiver.

Pulling my fingers quickly out, I begin rubbing my clit at a feverish pace. All of my muscles are tight; so fucking tight. Using my right hand I move my panties to the side and open my lips further, smacking my clit, enjoying the sting. I gasp and my body jerks each time I connect.

I need to come so badly that I’m no longer trying to keep quiet.

Throwing my head back and arching my back my body slides further off the edge. My breath is coming out in short desperate gasps as my middle and ring finger are moving frantically over my clit.

“Oh fuck,” I groan.

I’m almost there. It’s right there. “Oh shit, oh God.”

All my muscles are tight and my toes start to curl. “Yes, please, please, please,” I’m whimpering, begging to come.

I throw my right hand up gripping the back of the chair, screaming out as my orgasm overwhelms me. My knees give out and I lose strength in my hand so body slides to the floor and I land on my knees with my head resting on the seat of the chair.

My breathing is slowing down and I lift my head looking towards you. There is a grin on your face and your cock is rock hard for me. With one finger you motion for me to come to you. I blush and giggle, coming quickly to you, knowing exactly what I’m about to receive.

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