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My Pleasure Is Your Pleasure

Making you come delights me

Lie back on your bed. Dismiss all thoughts, all feelings, other than this moment. Lie naked, with goosebumps maybe tingling your flesh a little in spite of it being a hot day. 

Know this: I am aching with desire for you. Aching, pulsing and throbbing. The sight of your naked body, your stiff nipples, gentle curves; the slight expectation and excitement with which you lie there, waiting. The anticipation of skin on skin, of burning lips and gentle hands caressing you all over. Your anticipation is my anticipation.

When I start that slow journey over your whole body, kissing your temple, your breath out with almost a moan; it is not because my lips on your head excite you; it is the knowing, the anticipation of where this ends. And I trail my lips slowly over your face, gentle kisses, running my lips over yours. Then you feel the warmth of my breath on your neck and you sigh. You always loved neck kisses.

You should know that I am already aroused, like you, at the thought of what follows. I kiss your neck again and again because I know how much you love it. I can smell the musky scent of the perfume you put on this morning, taste its bitterness on my tongue. I kiss the curve of your shoulders, then run warm kisses all down one arm, while my fingers languidly tickle the other, the insides of arms such an underrated pleasure zone. 

I kiss your upper body, but not your breasts, not yet. I can see your hips rise gently as I kiss around them, between, to the side, below. My fingers tickle around your ribcage. Now my lips move to your tummy, my hands stroke up and down your sides. Gently stroking you, my hot breath on your body, controlling my ache to go further too soon.

It is when you feel my mouth on your thighs that you shudder slightly for the first time; the shudder is all the better because you know it is a precursor to better ones. I stroke up and down your legs, my hands following my mouth, over your thighs, your knees, your shins and ankles. Then I kiss your feet, you have pretty feet, and I kiss right down to your toes.

The journey back up your body begins and your breathing is heavy now, as I reprise the worship of your skin in reverse. Lips and fingers tantalise back over your legs, your arms and shoulders, your neck. Now you gasp as my hot mouth finds your breasts, first one, then the other. Hot kisses around your hard nipples. Then my tongue rolling over them. Then finally, my lips enclosing around them; sucking gently at first, then harder. You can feel my body press into yours, you know how aroused it makes me to suck your tits. I spend ages there, I could stay forever; the feel of stiff nipples under my lips and tongue, your gentle moans of delight, the way you arch your back when I gently bite you.

And now, finally, my lips travel down your torso, over your tummy, kissing all the way, and you part your thighs expectantly. And my lips go past where you ache for them to be, teasing the insides of your thighs, salty with your sweat and arousal. And my hands start to caress your ass, tickling, squeezing, stroking, as you lift up off the bed.

And when I really think you can stand it no further, I let my lips meet your throbbing cunt; I kiss you there, then let my tongue works its way all over, tasting your wetness, before finding your hard, stiff clit. I lick it slowly, up and down, all the way around, I know you are sensitive and don't want too much too soon. I lick you in little circles and you raise your hips right up, pushing into my face with abandon now. My fingers find your opening and curl around, I am gently finger-fucking you while my tongue slides in circles over your clit.

Your thighs clamp around my head now, I know you are close, you are moaning loudly now, every fibre telling me not to stop, your hips thrusting to tell me to speed up, go faster, you are so nearly there...

I can taste your hot salty orgasm rising in you, feel the urgent need of your thrusting, moaning, beautiful body, I am licking harder, a little faster, my fingers fucking you in perfect rhythm with the movements of my mouth on your clit, and your back is arching and you are panting louder and saying 'Oh God, oh God'....and now you are there, right where you want to be, all reserve is gone and you are coming, coming in my face. And the delight of it all thrills me, makes me want to orgasm too, I am throbbing with pleasure at bringing you such pleasure, and this is the best, the best feeling I can have.

And you lie there, looking happy, fulfilled, spent. And you look at me, your breathing still all over the places, both our hearts almost audibly thumping, and I know how much you loved that. And I loved it even more and whatever happens next, will simply be release from the exquisite joy of making you come like that.




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