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My Stepsister Fulfilled My Fantasy

My Stepsister Fulfilled My Fantasy

One night, a guy unexpectedly gets his wish
I was at the doorway of my stepsister's room. There was enough light so I could see that she was sleeping. I slowly crept in her room, and found what I was after. On the floor was a pair of her panties. I kept my eyes on her as I leaned down and picked them up. I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply. Then I slowly backed out of there and made my way back to my room.

A few months after I turned sixteen, Jessica had her eighteenth birthday. She drank too much and undressed in the bathroom before heading to her room. I went to pee before bed, and laying on the floor were her panties. Purple, with a pink rose. I don't know why, but I picked them up. I ran them through my fingers and then brought them to my nose.

The scent entered my nose and I became hard. I rubbed them on my cock, and after a couple strokes, I came. After that, I began stealing her panties regularly. She became sexy to me. She was tall like me, at six foot. We are both brunettes, but my eyes are blue, as hers are brown. I wanted her since that night, but I never acted on it. So here I am two years later, masturbating into her panties.

"Oh," I moaned, as I fantasized that she was blowing me.

It never took me long to cum, so her panties were soaked. I'm careful not to attract attention, but that night, I must have. I was still stroking my cock with her panties when I opened my eyes and saw Jessica on her knees by the bed, watching me. What was most shocking, was that she was naked.

"Jessica, I'm sorry, please-" I got out quickly, before she put her pointer finger on my lips.

"Shh, James," she said softly.

I put the blanket over myself as she eyeballed me and shook her head no. The blanket was yanked right back off me, and her eyes went to my cock. Jessica grabbed her panties, saw the cum, and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I feared she was mad, but her actions proved otherwise.

A smile appeared on her face as she leaned over and inserted her panties into my dresser. Did she want me to keep them? Then her right hand came to my cock, and she began stroking it. Since her hand was on my cock, she was thinking something.

Her lips came to mine for a single kiss, and then they made her way down to my cock. Her eyes met mine one more time, before she took my cock in her mouth. I was clueless why she was doing this. Was it possible that she knew about my panty thievery? I wanted to know why, but at the moment, I didn't care.

"Oh, yes, Jessica," I moaned softly.

Her lips went all the way down to the base, and stayed there for a minute. Shocked, and paralyzed with pleasure, I was afraid to even breathe, for fear she might stop. Her soft lips began going up and down on my cock, and her tongue circled it numerous times, adding to the pleasure. It was my desire to see her perform this act, but I was unable to.

"I love it when a woman uses her tongue," I muttered.

My eyes remained shut as I fought the urge to cum. Her right hand went to the base of my cock as she sucked slowly, but very passionately. I couldn't stop the moans. While my eyes were still shut, I felt her wet fingers on my face.

My eyes popped open, our eyes locked again, and her eyes said a mouthful. She made me open my mouth so she could insert her fingers. I sucked the lady juice right off them.

"Oh, that's good, Jessica," I moaned.

Her eyes went back down, as she began thrusting her mouth onto me again. My hands were at my sides, but she put them onto her head. I didn't put any pressure on it, but it didn't matter. The job was getting done. She had me clench, and my heart pounded very hard. I knew I was gonna pop very soon.

"Yes, Jessica, please make me cum," I muttered.

Her tongue and mouth pleasured my cock, and I tried to push her head down a little further, because by then I was done.

"Jessica, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum now," I said quickly.

She didn't pull off of me, so I came in her mouth. There was a lot, but none of it leaked out of her mouth. My head went back, and my breathing increased rapidly. I looked down at her as she pulled off my cock. She looked me with her mouth open, and the cum was gone.

Never before had I been so turned on. As she stared right back at me, words were about to come out of my mouth, but her pointer landed on my lips. She stood up, blew me a kiss, and walked backwards towards the door. She left without saying a word, but left my fantasy fulfilled. I love her for that.

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