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New Year’s Resolution – Comes True!

I made a 2017 New Year’s resolution – only now it’s happening!

I made a New Year’s resolution, one that I thought would never materialise, but here I am, nearly one year on, sitting naked on the edge of Emily’s bed.

I have to admit that I am extremely excited. I’m looking at Emily as she is fastening the last strap and pulling it as tight as possible around her waist. Her pink phallus rearing upwards as it bounces in front of her.

What a sight! My lips, trembling in expectation as my heart rate reaches unprecedented levels. I can hear it pound away in my chest.

“You sure you want me to –“

Emily never finished the sentence; she just looked at me and stroked her cock.

I nodded quickly. I couldn’t speak for the excitement I was feeling.

“How would you like it?”

I could see she was starting to enjoy it. I could see the smile on her face.

“I want to see it go in,” I said, eventually.

She could tell I was nervous, she kept looking in my eyes for the get out of jail free card to be played, but I kept it hidden; deep inside me. I wanted this and was looking forward to it so much.

“Come on then, big boy, move up the bed,” she told me, nodding her head in the direction of the headboard.

Emily came to rest just below my knees. She sat with her legs slightly apart. The phallus pointing upwards as she rested her bottom on her heels. She stared intently into my eyes and I stared back. One hand had started stroking her pink cock and the other was opening the flip top of the baby oil before she started pouring it over her hard-on. She rubbed plenty of oil all over her cock before she flipped the top back on and threw it to one side of the bed.

I was watching it glisten as she stroked it. I don’t think I ever took my eyes off it all the time she was busy preparing it.

“How big is it?”

“Seven and a half inches,” she replied, still stroking its length with her hand.

I nodded.

“Come here, come closer.”

I shuffled down the bed a little, my legs either side of hers. As my anus got closer to her body,  her finger reached out and I felt it tickle my hole. Fuck, it was a nice feeling.

As she prised my anus open, I could see dark lustfulness behind her eyes, welling up and desperate to explode outwards. I knew she was turned on and as for me, I could hardly contain myself. Without prompting, I raised my bum off the bed and invited her in.

Emily put one hand, followed by her arm around my waist and pulled me closer. With her other hand she positioned her cock in the general direction of my arse allowing me to sink down on it.

I could feel it press inwards, prising my tight, virgin hole apart and pushing upwards. It felt dirty and depraved. I growled at her, my teeth showing, my mouth open as I sank down and let her cock fill my arse. The oil helped a lot and after the initial resistance it pushed easily inside. At no point did I ever consider pulling away from her.

We kissed, passionately at first with tongues lashing at each other as her cock bottomed out in my arse. There was no more to go up.

Emily let go of my waist and allowed me to fall backwards a little onto the pillows behind me as she pulled her body downwards.

I watched her cock retract and then I gasped as she leant into me, pushing it all the way back in. Fuck it was good. It was the most wonderful sight and the feeling was out of this world.

My own cock was stiff as fuck and fast to my body as I presented my arse for Emily to fuck.

So far, the strokes were gentle as Emily pulled her cock out and then clenching her own bottom as she pushed it all the way in. I closed my eyes, savouring the feeling and removing the distraction of Emily’s wanton smile. I felt her hands come up on my waist. I felt her shuffle forwards slightly and then I felt her withdraw before fucking into me, hard. She pushed much harder and her cock penetrated me.

I could feel my orgasm building and I so desperately wanted to pull on my own cock and give myself that much needed release, but the feeling was too good, much too good.

Emily started to fuck me in earnest. Her cock penetrated me every second or so and every time it almost left my bottom before she pushed back inside me.

“Come on, come for me?”

Emily said, as she gritted her teeth and pleaded with me to come.

“Come on you little fucker, let it go.”

Emily had upped her pace; her cock was thrusting in and out in double time; hands clawing desperately for traction at my waist. I wasn’t going anywhere and the pleasure; the pleasure was fucking wonderful and I could feel my orgasm build up and up.

With lips quivering, I nodded.

Emily saw the need in my face as she fucked me harder. She wanted me to come as much as I did and it was happening, I was coming.

I gasped aloud and then grunted as my cock erupted without even so much as a touch. Spunk erupted from the end of my cock and with the rocking of our bodies I ended up spurting vertically before it fell back down onto Emily’s stomach. Another spurt did the same and the next.

“That’s it, you gorgeous little fucker!”

“Fuck Yes! That’s a good one.”

Emily kept encouraging me. Every word, every movement, every stare kept me horny and the feeling.

The feeling was still fucking wonderful.



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