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Nighttime Picnic

A camping trip leads to a delicious nighttime picnic for three.
It is our third night camping with my group of friends. The weather glorious and hot, and I'd been able to spend the entire day in my tiny bikini, soaking up the sun and working on my tan. I knew that Rick had been watching me all day, just as I had been watching him in his too-tight shorts for his extra large cock. After dinner we were well into our chosen beverages of the weekend – mine being vodka and his being beer. My friend Chelsea is sharing my bottle of vodka so I pour her yet another drink. So far the night is excellent, sitting around the fire, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. But I think it could be better.

“Hey Chelsea. You wanna go for a walk?” I ask my friend. I give Rick a huge smile, silently inviting him to join us. He gets the hint and smiles back.

“Sure, sounds great. I need to move anyway.” She gets up, stretching her arms over her head, her tits peeking out the bottom of her tiny cropped top. She hadn't bothered putting her bikini top back on after we had been swimming earlier in the day and her body was fucking hot. I could feel that luscious warmth growing between my legs. We needed to get out of the group and on our own soon.

“I'll join you.” Rick says as he chugs his latest beer, and grabs another one for the road.

The three of us walk down the dark, dirt road of the camp ground. I am looking for a vacant camp site to guide my delicious friends. Finally, I see a hidden site, that is quiet with no one else around. Perfect for our nighttime picnic.

“You guys! What an awesome day!” I say, as I sit down on the picnic table purposely facing out, with my legs as wide open as I can get them. I need my friends to view my moistness, to give them both an invitation.

“Rick, you need to come here. Jump up on the seat and I'll suck you hard.” I tell him. Without hesitation, he does as I say and his totally hard cock pushes out of his shorts and into my mouth. I take his entire length, with ease with no gagging. I suck hard, giving him super fast flicks on the tip as I push his hardness in and out of my soft warm mouth.

I feel a gentle tug on the edges of my bikini as Chelsea kneels between my legs and finds my hot centre. She pushes my legs open further, finds my clit and buries her gorgeous face into my cunt. I moan with pleasure, having a cock in my mouth and a tongue in my clit – it is the best picnic ever.

I grab Rick's cock and pull it up and down with my hand, while I continue to suck it hard and quick all at the same time. As he balances on the edge of the table, he has to use my shoulders to keep him from falling. I grab his ass with the other hand, and pull him closer into my mouth.

At the same time, Chelsea is flicking my clit and she surprises me by pushing her tongue into my cunt as far as it will go inside me, hot and soft. Her fingers follow the tongue, and they stay inside as she moves onto the outer areas of my juicy centre. She continues to suck and tweek my clit as she pounds her fingers inside me.

“I'm going to fucking come...” Rick growls, which makes me suck him harder and longer. Chelsea's mouth is almost biting my nub, and her fingers are pushing into me, helping me find that gorgeous ending we are all looking for. Suddenly, I feel Rick tense, his cock grow to maximum hardness, and then the amazing hot liquid is squirting into my mouth. I open wide and accept it all, some of it drizzling out of my mouth and down on my tits, but most of it I am lovingly swallowing down. Chelsea continues to massage my clit, her tongue moving fast, her fingers pushing hard, and without warning I am feeling the waves of electricity pushing from my cunt through my belly, tits, to my head and back down again. I quiver with release and savour the warmth that envelopes my body.

I am so happy - I have the best friends in the world.

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