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Niihau, The Forbidden Island

Niihau, The Forbidden Island

She just wanted to tease him a little bit....
Sitting on my board I traced the plumeria design with my fingers. The cold water slapping gently against my thighs. I ran my hand over my hot forehead and looked up at the sun in the high sky. “Okay, this is the last set for the day,” I said with a longing sigh.

I need to stop surfing and head into town today because the only internet access is in the school. I volunteer on an Asian music website and I need to go through some newly posted lyrics and videos. I also might have the blessed opportunity to talk to Dragon, a user I was growing very fond of. He is older then me, around 25, mixed, intelligent, quiet but yet all the girls and guys seem to flock to him. And even though I rather spend all day on my board, I still have my responsibilities.

I wait for the next chill wave and paddle hard and ride it smooth and clean till the end. The beach is dead quiet today but this is not North Shore's main hits. I prefer more quiet and secluded areas, places the mainlanders and vacationers can't find or don't know about.

Bending over and releasing my leash from my ankle I hear, “Hey, how are you today?”

I jumped out of my skin and stood up quickly looking around I realized that had I completely missed a guy standing just under the shade of the Pritchardia palm tree next to the surf shack.

“Hihi, I'm good. Howzit?”

He looked at me oddly, his face tilted slightly to the side. I stare at his pale, pearl like complexion and realize he is not a local.

"E kala mai...errrr, I mean I'm sorry. I asked how you are also?" I ask in my most English sounding voice.

"Oh, I am good. I have been watching you surf for a couple days. You're really good."

"Mahalo...thanks!" I giggled slightly. "You are awfully light for being out watching me!" I winked at him and began walking into the shack to change. I left the door ajar and looked slightly over my shoulder to see if he was looking. He paced a little back and forth but kept his eyes on the opening the entire time. I bent over trying not to giggle and flipped on the water hose from the water basin. Standing under the spray I let the water cascade down my back pulling my wavy hair straight to the top of my curved ass. I ran my hands from my head to my hips slowly. I was shocked by this mainlander and yet I was completely going to tease him and give him a little show of "hospitality".

"So..." I hear him yell, "are you a professional surfer?"

I glance over my shoulder. "I used to tour on the circuit, I was sponsored, but I don't anymore. I have to many obligations here on the island to travel around the world anymore!"

 He's staring so hard at me I can feel my skin burn, I thought to myself.

I pull off my skin, a protective surfer shirt, and reveal my tattoo that reaches across my back. I have no top underneath and begin rinsing my body off. I use some soap and work up lots of bubbles to rest on me seductively.

He stopped pacing and his hand was now resting on the jam of the door opening. He was intensely staring at me. I didn't mind. I felt drawn to him and continued to wash off slowly letting my hands linger at the small of my back, hips and ass. The soap bubbles leaving hidden trails into my suit panties.

"You must spend lots of time indoors from the look of you." I softly giggle.

"I do actually, I practice and teach martial arts and game in my spare time. I'm here on vacation."

I strategically place my arms across my chest and turn towards him, "I see."

He enters the shack picking up a towel and reaching it out to give to me. "That “i see” is an unusual response."

"Oh, I picked it up from a friend online. It is his usual response to's catchy."

His eyebrow raised high and he smiled. His smile was amazing. His eyes, which I know were taking in my half naked body, were a deep grey like the ocean after a rainstorm.

I wrapped the towel around me slowly making sure he got a little view of my breasts.

"You tease all the strangers you meet like this?"

"Only the cute ones with beautiful eyes and pale skin."

"I see," he responded with a wicked smile.

"Well, I best let you get on with your business, I have some work to do."

He walked up to me slowly till I could feel his breath on the top of my head and only my towel between us. I trembled slightly and wondered who was teasing who now?
He put his hand under my chin angling my face up towards him and bent slightly down. "Like I said I've been watching you for days. You are sweet, outgoing and very childish and immature Kas."

I blinked my eyes...How did he know my name? Dear Pele how long has he been around?

"My name is Kyo. I know you will remember it. I know you will be looking for me tomorrow."
He leaned in and kissed me deep, first it was light and sweet then it went deep and hard as his grip on my chin tighten. "Don't tease anyone else...understand?"
I nodded even though his hand was guiding my nod also.

He turned and walked out. I stood there stunned for a moment and realized that during the kiss I was so shocked I had dropped my towel which was now on the floor puddled around my feet.

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