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Oral 101

Oral 101

An introduction to pussy eating
“Jessica, spread your legs,” Ms. Reynolds ordered laying her hands on her thighs. She moved slowly. “Come on now don’t be shy. He’s seen it all before I’m sure.”

Sighing a little, she parted her legs wider. Michael stared between them, eyeing the flame of red hair trimmed into the shape of a heart offset by the snowy pale skin around it. He lowered himself gently to the floor, feeling Ms. Reynolds hands on his shoulders guide him down. When he reached his knees he reached his hands out towards her, hesitating slowly as he did.

“Go on,” Ms. Reynolds instructed. “Hold her thighs firm but gentle. Like this.” She was leaning over behind him now, her face right beside his, lifting his arms up and resting his hands on Jessica. She was trembling. Michael was as well. He leaned in for a better look. Surveying the soft pink folds of her flesh. He took a deep breath and leaned forward. Ms. Reynolds’ had her hand on the back of his head.

“Open your mouth and start by just kissing your way up her inner thighs gingerly. Let your tongue tease her skin. Make her ready for it.”

Michael lowered his mouth to her leg and began to do as Ms. Reynolds instructed. His tongue darted out of his mouth and up her thigh playfully. He heard Jessica giggle distantly and she sighed again. He kissed her all the way up to pussy lips.

“Now the other one. Make her drip with anticipation.”

He moved his mouth to her other leg. Again he slithered his tongue up her body dragging a trail of saliva along her leg as he did. When he reached the apex he stopped. His head hung poised over the pink cleft of skin, he breathed hard, his warm air hitting the pearl of her sex. Ms. Reynolds placed her hand into his hair and pushed him inwards.

“Now extend your tongue. Let it explore her. Bury your face in her. Start by just enjoying the taste of her. Let her feel your tongue on her.”

He opened his mouth and let his tongue run from up Jessica’s slit from bottom to top. He locked his lips onto hers and his tongue penetrated her. She wiggled fiercely and he pressed his fingertips harder against her. He heard her gasp.


“Hold her firmly. You don’t want her to move too much. Does that feel good Jessica?”


She tasted salty but sweet. He’d heard from other instructors at the academy that women tasted different based on what they ate a lot of the time. He knew Jessica was a vegetarian. Did that make a difference? He didn’t know. He didn’t care right then. He wanted to taste more of her. He pushed himself into her as far as he could. He breathed deeply and sucked in her sexual perfume. He felt her juices run over his chin. She ground herself into him.

“Wrap your lips around her clitoris. Suckle it. Move your lips back and forth. Jessica, why don’t you pinch your nipple while he eats you? Give me your hand dear. Put it on the back of his head.”

Michael felt Jessica’s fingers lacing into his hair pushing him eagerly into her body. His tongue pushed against her clit as he sucked on it. His lips undulated in and out. He could feel her legs shaking beneath his hands. He glanced up at her face framed between the long locks of fire colored hair. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open.

“Now make a circle on her clit with your tongue. Firm and steady.”

His tongue moved around and around again. Jessica cooed her hips trying to buck. She held his hair tighter. He pushed his tongue down firmer still moving it ever so slightly faster.

“Don’t stop Michael. Your cock can only last so long but she can ride your tongue forever. Let it dance on her” her voice was higher up now and when Michael looked up her saw her sitting beside Jessica lightly stroking her hair. “How does it feel dear?”

“Huh! G-g-good! So… good!”

As instructed Michael kept his tongue moving. Relishing the taste the scent and the subtle movements of her body. Her slit dripped like a wet ripe sweet peach. Finally Ms. Reynolds’ finger glided over his hand.

“Take your finger and slide it into her. Keep your tongue on her! Don’t stop licking. Push your finger slowly into her. I’m sure she’s tight. Explore her.”

Keeping his tongue fixed to her throbbing button he let his finger gently probe her. It entered her inch by inch. She was tight. She seemed to suck him in, the walls of her pussy contracted around his digit. She shuddered and squeaked “ee!”

“Hmmm she likes that very good. Now move it back and forth. A come-hither motion” Michael bent his finger upwards and pushed it against the soft spongy flesh of her body.


“That’s right. Now put another finger in her. Stretch her out just a little. Her pussy will take you in. It’s made for it."

A second finger slipped up her vag she bucked wildly. All the while keeping his tongue rolling in a steady constant ring on her slick clit. He moved his fingertips faster back and forth.

“You’re beckoning. Inviting her to cum. Faster.”

Her head rolled back her mouth opened wide. “Aw! Ah! Ooooh!”

Her entire body tensed and he felt her pussy clamp around his fingers. Her legs shuddered violently He didn’t stop or slowdown. He felt a rush of warmth gush over his palm wrist and face. He let her ride his fingertips and tongue through her climax.

“Now slowdown… slip out of her.”

Jessica’s cheeks were red and she was panting. Their teacher smiled proudly at the two of them. “You did fantastic. Didn’t he?”

“Yes! God yes!”

“Well that covers the introduction to cunnilingus… next lesson: fellatio.”

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