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Our Game

It's our game, and its delicious.
Straining against the wrist and ankle ties and drawing a deep breath, I extended my tongue and tenderly, carefully, pressed the tip to the underside of her clit, moving as I adjusted to her motion. From somewhere near my belly I heard her exclamation as I made contact with her erect pearl, pink and firm and proud at the top of her slit.

"Yes, baby," she cooed, "right there, just like that," she encouraged. She was kneeling over me, rocking gently, her spread crotch just at my face the way she likes to tease me, knowing I had to crane my neck to reach her. She knew I would, too, and that got her hotter. Her hips wiggled a little and I struggled to maintain contact with her sensitive button. She giggled in response. I pushed my tongue up, shifting her hood aside and circling her hard clit. I heard another delighted squeal and my cock responded.

Her scent was heavy and intoxicating, filling my nostrils and amplifying my desire. Her juices dripped and I dallied at her clit, anxious for her permission to lick those swollen lips and lap up her nectar. A few more circles, then under the bottom of her button, flicking my tongue at the root until she squealed, close to her climax.

"Lick me, baby," she sighed. I felt her hair drag loosely across my throbbing cock and knew without seeing that her head was hanging, the way it does when she's close to cumming. "Drink me up, my dirty boy." A shudder rocked me as I moved from her button and flattened my tongue, aligning myself at the lowest part of her that I could reach. With a thrilled inhale and tremble I pressed my tongue to her skin, feeling the give in her soft lips and tasting the tangy sweet flavor of her excitement, shifting with her motion. I dragged slowly up the outside of her sexy hole, scooping her wetness into my mouth as I went, feeling every delicious, delectable inch of her shaved pussy.

Her flavor flooded my mouth, tingling my taste buds. I resisted the urge to suck and pull on them as I reached the top of her gaping wet gash, then switched to the other side and repeated the process. The only thing better than the taste of her was more of her, and I relished the opportunity to drink her in, my mouth flooding and salivating with the experience.

I repeated the process as her breathing changed and small sounds emerged from her, announcing her imminent eruption. I licked up her fountain again, and again, knowing that she wouldn't cum until the right moment, until the trigger hit.

I heard a grunt, then, above me, and I knew the trigger was coming. I returned to her clit, wrapped my lips around it and pursed them, sealing the nub in my mouth. My body tensed as she shuddered, hearing the groans behind her. I sucked her button and flicked the tip of my tongue across the tip, just right, just the way she needs, at the same moment the guy fucking her bellowed his climax. He thrust hard, nearly bucking her off my face, but she held her position. He drove in hard, then, and I felt the pulses of his cock travel through her cunt while I tormented her clit. As he filled her with his semen she came, hard, screaming. I felt the spasms through her clit as her body released, triggered by the guy who was emptying his load inside her.

I held my face still, pressed to their joining, close to orgasm myself, and anticipating my own trigger. Soon. My cock twitched in anticipation. I pulled a deep breath through my nostrils, easing my flicking tongue, slowing as she rode the lightning of her orgasm.

I strained against the restraints when I felt her hand grip the base of my shaft. "All yours, my dirty boy." It was all she ever said. As I felt her mouth wrap itself around the head of my shaft, the cock that was fucking her began to move, sliding out, wet and slick. I watched it as though in slow motion, the sheen of semen mixed with her flowing nectar, coating the thick shaft as it emerged from her. Her luscious lips, sliding across the thin skin as it slipped out. Her exposed red gash, stretching as the head approached the entrance. Her mouth on my aching cock, holding still as her hand began to stroke beneath her face.

The cock slowed, then stalled, making her cunt stretch and bulge just a little, and then it pulled out. For a hot second I stared at her pussy, open and gaping and fucked and gorgeous, a treat for my senses, my eyes and nose enjoying, my mouth open and waiting.

One, hot, long second.

I opened wide and extended my tongue flat beneath her, body tensed, legs rigid, hips poised and balls tight. Her fingers gripped my shaft firmly beneath her lips, moving almost imperceptibly except for the intense sensation coursing into my entire torso.

I groaned as the first full gush of hot, slimy, salty cum spilled from her cunt and filled my waiting mouth. As the flavor and texture engulfed me I groaned and my hips jerked up and I came, as hard as always when we played this game. The first explosive blast jetted up my shaft with a spasm so hard I thought I might cramp. I swallowed the load of cum, my head spinning with ecstasy as I filled her mouth with my own. I pushed my tongue deep, sucking, moaning, wanting more, wanting it all, never enough as I jerked and twitched and emptied myself into her moaning mouth.

And then it was over, and her head was on my leg and her lips and fingers trailed over my spent member.

"My wonderful, dirty boy," she cooed. "Well done."

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