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Out on the Town

It was just a fall, a simple mistake that ended up with consequences.

I was enjoying myself, out on the town with some friends. We had just left a cocktail bar and were proceeding to the next one. After all, where else do a handful of semi-naked women go, on a night out, in London town?

I was feeling horny all night, from well before I actually got dressed and left my house. It got worse the more I drank and we were about to visit the third cocktail bar that night.

When we entered Esmerelda’s, I noticed a group of five men near the bar. I was expecting them to be drinking manly drinks, but they were heavily into the rum and vodka cocktails on offer, judging by the shape of the glasses and colour of the drinks.

We had arrived late, a little too late for happy hour, but this was a new place and the staff were trying their best to build up their clientele.

I caught some of the bloke’s eyes on entering the place. My friends headed off to the bar and immediately started to order the usual two-for-the-price-of-one at a modest five pounds each.

I smiled in their direction, pursed my lips and looked away coyly. Emma shouted across the room in her loud bellowing voice asking me what I wanted. I trotted over to her in the most elegant fashion to let her know. I wasn’t about to shout across the room. Who knows what may have happened? I may have been inundated with drinks from the lads all night and where would an innocent girl like me be if I got drunk?

I always liked to keep a little mystery between myself and any lads.

We sat close to the bar. Our conversation grew louder. A few of my friends Emma, Jen and Lezza (we liked to call her that because she was known to dip her wick into the odd woman from time to time) were goading the blokes opposite us and eagerly playing to their tune.

That was when I downed my drink, started on my second one and decided to visit the loo.

My friends could do all they wanted with words, but I had made my mind up.

It was time for action.

I entered the cubicle, knickers down, skirt up and relaxed into a most satisfying piss. I pulled sheets of paper from the dispenser and waited for my body to finish. I forced the last drop out of me and applied the reels of paper to wipe myself clean.

I sat upright and took in a deep breath and then played my return back to the bar through my head, several times, until my mind made no mistake.

I looked down at my knickers and took them off, pocketing them in my excuse for a purse. I pulled my skirt down over my bare bum and stood up, flushed, unlocked the door, took another deep breath and headed out of the loo.

I stepped back inside to give my hands a quick wash and dry, accompanied by the obligatory sigh. I was so hyped up, I nearly forgot.

Out of the loo, I was striding forward, head held high and heading between the group of blokes. They all turned to clock me walking towards them.

I smiled.

They smiled back and watched me all the way.

As I passed them, heading for my friends, I started to count.




I clipped my rising and trailing right foot against my left ankle. I started to fall forwards. I threw my handbag in the direction of my friends as I put my hand out towards the rising floor.  I lay there prostrate for a few seconds before pushing backwards with my hands to try and get on all fours.

I pushed my bum backwards and I could feel my skirt rise rapidly. I knew that my arse had made its point and was now talking to the men watching me. I closed my eyes and sighed as I knew the sight that their eyes feasted on. I had watched myself in the mirror many times before.

I pushed my bum backwards a little further and I knew that they would be treated to my next source of pleasure.

I heard an audible gasp from behind me.

I had hit the spot.

The words ‘fuck’ and ‘fuck me’ echoed from the group of men.

By this time Emma had seen me fall and was making her way towards me. Although my eyes implored her to stay away for a while longer, she was adamant at helping me in my moment of need.

After my shaven pussy was displayed to the group of men, Emma caught my arm. I didn’t need any help but I had to take it. I pulled myself up a little before falling back to the floor.

I turned around as I fell backwards to enable me to get up on all fours while facing the men.

I sneakily watched as their eyes feasted on my breasts, swinging from side to side beneath my loose blouse.

I started to get up. A hand reached out. I grasped it.

It was one of the blokes who, like a knight in shining armour, had come to my assistance. Another hand reached out and grasped me under my right arm and between them, they pulled me upright.

I bounced to attention, along with my breasts, and I held onto them both not wanting to let either of them go. I smiled at them both.

I looked at both of them and then at the other three behind them.

I obviously had a choice.

The first guy to help me introduced himself as Adam.

“Thank you, Adam,” I told him, breathing heavily. I knew right then, he was going to fuck me before the night was out.

I turned to my friends and looked at them. Only Lezza was shaking her head from side to side.

She knew!


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