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Picnic Kink

Picnic Kink

Carol's tease leads to unusual picnic penetration
We were picnicking at a country house open to the public when Carol took a banana and ate it in what I can only describe as a lascivious way. She ran her finger and thumb round it as though masturbating a cock, peeled it open and licked the 'shaft' before sucking the head. Finally she held as much of it in her mouth as she could while looking me right in the eye.

So arousing!

Later we walked through the gardens and into woods where Carol made her intentions very clear. After a few minutes of kissing and loosening clothing, fondling and fingering, I told told her to turn around and lift her skirt. She willingly complied and bent slightly at the waist, obviously expecting me to take her from behind. Instead, I took out a banana left over from the picnic and rubbed it against her pussy.

“What's that?”

“Well, I was pleased to see you,” I replied, “but that was a banana in my pocket!”

Once I had got as much of her juices on the banana as I could, I held it at the entrance of her lips. I wasn't sure what Carol's reaction would be; I'd never penetrated her with anything but my cock or a toy before but I also knew she was very horny. After what seemed a moment's hesitation she said, “Well, go on then!”

“Oh, no! You seemed so in love with your banana friend earlier, you are going to have to follow through. You go on and take it.”

Carol steadied herself and then began pushing back on the phallic fruit. I watched, mesmerised, as more and more inched into her until she had impaled herself on just over half of it.

“I don't think I can get anymore in,”

“OK. Fuck yourself on it!”

I don't think she had called me a "bastard" before but she knew I had her, knew she 'shouldn't' be letting me do this to her but loving it all the same. Carol humped backwards and forwards, slowly at first then picking up speed as the banana got slicker. She couldn't help herself and was moaning as she got closer to climax.

I thought it would be hard for Carol to 'commit' herself fully to an orgasm if she was having to concentrate on keeping her balance so I motioned to her to move so she could brace herself against a tree. It must have reminded her that we were out in the open as Carol almost implored me “Don't let anyone see me.”

“No one's around.” I reassured her.

“I'd die if someone saw me fucking a banana!”

“Well, you didn't seem to mind that you could be seen giving a blow job to one.” I said, and with that threw her skirt over her head, adding, “It's OK, no one will recognise you!”

Carol quickened her pace and with one hand up against the tree she brought the other between her legs and frigged herself. She tried to muffle her moans but squealed as she came.

She looked so sexy, dishevelled as she was, that I had to have her too. The banana dropped to the floor and I replaced it, tugging her dress up over her breasts so that I could hold them while we bucked and thrusted together.

Carol picked up the banana and put it in her bag. I picked up her knickers and put them in my pocket and thought about my cum leaking out of her and making her thighs sticky. Carol tells me that this is a deliciously decadent feeling, especially after making love outside and walking past people who don't know what you have just been up to!
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