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Psychedelic Pussycat Dreams - Nirvana

Psychedelic Pussycat Dreams - Nirvana

Her room was awash with color.  No overhead light.  No brass lamps topped with beige lamp shades.  The walls glowed with bright neon images. Tigers and mushrooms and wizards and rainbows brought to life by a tube of violet light. A glowing aquarium full of multi-colored fish moving slowly about through a forest of slowly waving plant life. A lava lamp, its contents morphing slowly, breaking apart, floating, reassembling constantly like some sort of alien creature dancing to the record she’d put on.

“Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” Amy had said when asked. It was trippy and very different from anything I’d been exposed to.  “It sounds better if you put this on your tongue.”

A little square of paper with a spiral rainbow on it. She’d been right. We’d been playing the same record over and over, dutifully turning it over every time it came to the end of a side. This must have been the fifth time we’d listened. The first time, I hadn’t been sure, but now, I’d realized that it was something magical. I’d attempted to put into words just how it made me feel, but I had trouble taking the pictures that it evoked and translating them into spoken language.

“Want to listen to the Stones?” Phil wondered as one song ended and another began.

“No,” both Amy and I answered in tandem before erupting in giggles.

Outside the room, his room, I could hear someone playing guitar and people singing.  The music floated beneath the door but was quickly swallowed by the pulsing beat coming from the speaker in the room.

Amy was dancing, or at least she would have been if she was standing. I simply watched her, thinking how pretty she was, propped up on pillows in her bra and panties, her blonde hair streaming down to her waist like a waterfall. Like her, I had shed my skirt and blouse, needing to feel the cool air against my skin.  Phil still had his jeans on, although his shirt hung open, showing off his bare chest and stomach.

“Sit with us, Julia.” I blinked, having gotten lost, again, in the garden of sound that swirled around the room, realizing that I was dancing as well, only on my feet, my hands fluttering like bird wings and throwing shadows on the walls.

“Sure,” I smiled, swaying as I settled on the rumpled bedspread as they parted like curtains, making space for me between them.

“Take off your bra,” Phil suggested lazily. I wasn’t sure if he meant me or his girlfriend, but it seemed like a good idea, so I reached behind and unclasped mine, struggling a little until I’d worked it off my arms and tossed it to the floor.

“You’re so pretty,” Amy whispered into my mouth as she took my face in her hands and pulled me closer, kissing me. I’d never kissed a girl before, or even thought about it, but her soft lips against mine felt amazing. It actually felt like her kiss was travelling through me, leaving my flesh glowing in its wake.  I felt hands on my breasts, exploring, touching, roaming further down.  I closed my eyes and it became a guessing game.  Phil’s hand on my right breast, I thought, thumb stroking my nipple.  It felt heavenly. Amy’s fingers trailing down my ribs? Her tongue in my mouth, that I was sure of.  Wet and velvety and tasting like orange peels. I peeked, opening my eyes, hers shining out between the slits of her eyelids, small worlds blossoming when she opened them for me.  I was suddenly lost within them, my pulse throbbing in time to the music.

I felt cool air teasing my muff, wondering when I’d taken my panties off, or if I had?  Cool air and warm fingers that made me moan into her mouth.  I was wet down there.  She was kissing me, still, her mouth on my nipple, sucking.  Her tongue felt amazing. It took a moment to realize that I was kissing Phil now, my tongue in his mouth.  He was as naked as me, now, as Amy was, his dick pushing against my thigh. He was hard. 

“So turned on, baby.” Amy’s voice, or was it mine or Phill’s?  Maybe it was the record on the stereo.  I know it was my hand, my fingers, on his dick, stroking it.

“Kiss it, Julia,” Amy purred, and I did, taking his head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it.  Time shifted again, and the taste of peaches trickled down my throat, my tongue buried inside Amy, my nose tickled by her soft downy fuzz.

“Kiss it, Julia.”

I felt him inside me, stretching me, filling me, sliding leisurly in and out, slick with my wet, her moans encouraging me to explore her with my mouth.  I knew what felt good for me, so…

Then, her tongue in my mouth tasting like sex as I straddled him, rising sensuously, letting gravity pull me down, his dick skewering me, deeper than I’d ever imagined, a million tiny butterflies traveling at light speed, covering my flesh from the inside like a net of electricity.  Amy moved with me, his tongue inside her as she devoured my mouth. Color flickered in patterns on her flesh, dancing to the silence, the record having long ended, the only music our grunting, moaning, sighing chorus, rising in pitch and volume until I found myself lost in the cosmos, a phoenix coming to life inside me, my core a hot ember brought to life by the winds of paradise as the world collapsed into all the colors of the gods. 

A kiss brought me back to earth, and then, another, hungry lips on my nipples, between my thighs, igniting more desire than I thought possible, my body moving to the sound of drums pounding within as the music resumed…








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