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Public Tease

Public Tease

Public Teasing, A Girl Can Get Used To This
The sound of Jazz music floats around the room. Everyone is in almost a trance, just listening to the music, including myself. Or, so I think. Everyone, that is, but my date. His hand is resting on my inner thigh, caressing my bare skin. I can’t deny the feeling is nice, I always enjoy when he touches me. But, here, in public? I can't help but blush.

He called me a few hours ago, asking at the last minute, if I had plans tonight. I said I didn't, so he told me to meet him here. I don’t even like Jazz all that much, but the idea of seeing him was appealing to me. We’re a few too many drinks in, listening to the music. But, now that we’re here, it’s him who doesn't seem to want to focus on the music.

I don't dare make eye contact with him. He is getting bolder, moving his hand up higher up my thigh. My breathing is slowly increasing, fighting not to moan out. I do not want to attract attention to us. I’m not even really into public displays of affection, yet somehow this is the most erotic thing I have ever done. I want him to touch me! I don’t want him to stop. I want him to keep touching me in places that ache with desire. I feel the burning passion growing.

As if he can read my mind, he squeezes my thigh. The next song starts and his hand moves up a bit more. He is inches from my panties, and a waitress stops by our table. She smiles brightly at us. Even though the room is dim, I pray she doesn't notice. I feel as though I’m about to pass out from embarrassment and excitement all together.

Calmly, he orders us two more drinks and the waitress nods, before turning to leave. I let out a long, low sigh of relief. I hear him chuckle, he is clearly amused at the state he has me in. My panties are moist, but I have a feeling they’ll be soaked when he is done with me. His fingers brush against the soft cotton of my panties, making me stir lightly. He pulls me a little closer to him. The booth we’re sitting in seats us perfectly for discreet teasing.

Using just two fingers, he moves my panties to the side, slipping the fingers right into my pink folds. He squeezes my clit right between his two fingers and starts a slow motion. It matches the sound of the music, making me roll my hips a little to it. I feel almost faint, I want to whimper out. Again, I know I cannot. I think he is enjoying that part the most.

When the waitress comes back, he pinches my tender clit a little too hard. I gasp out, feeling flush instantly. I want to crawl into a hole, but it seems the waitress didn't hear me over the music. When she turns to leave, I whisper to him. I beg him, please have mercy on me. I can’t stand it. His head falls back a little and lets out a laugh. His cheeky behaviour has me aching for him.

Suddenly his fingers slip down and right inside me. A long, deep stroke, he fucks me. From the angle he is getting me, I am shocked he can reach my g-spot. He does though and I fight more not to moan out. I tremble, the pending orgasm so close. I feel my walls tighten, my breathing starting to pick up. I quiver, trying to focus on the Jazz music that seems to be growing with each number.

Coming hard, I feel as though I’m crawling out of my body. It seems like the whole room will notice a woman climaxing, but no one is paying attention, at least not to me. My heart slams in my chest, pounding against my ribcage. He keeps to the beat of the music flowing through us. Until the song ends, his fingers slip from my dripping panties. As I knew they would be, once he had gotten what he wanted.

Bringing his fingers up to his lips, he sucks on them. Tasting me from his own fingers, I can’t help but groan out. I pull at his tie, yanking him towards the restrooms. I push through the first door, not paying attention to which one we went through. He knows exactly what I want, twirling me around. I bend at the waist.

Again, he slides my panties to the side. With three steps his cock is sprung free, and deep inside me. The pounding music of the Jazz music is heard, even in the bathroom. He matches the pace once more, fucking me with all he has. I freely moan now, not caring. It encourages him to go a little faster, deeper inside me.

Once, twice, thrice more thrusts and he fills me with his sticky seed. I feel the explosion deep inside me, I moan out for him. He empties himself entirely inside, before pulling out. He adjusts my panties, slapping my bum, he smiles at me as I straighten upwards. He tucks his cock back inside his pants, then takes my hand and we go back to our seat.

I don’t know if it was his plan all along, but I know two new things tonight. I have grown to like Jazz music and the whole 'public sex' thing isn't so bad. Perhaps I’ll do it again. Okay, fuck it. I know I’ll do it again.

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