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Race to the Finish

My pulse was pounding as I flew down the shaded gravel path. Did I lose him? Looking around, I saw only the peaceful forest. Ah! There it is! The lone oak tree on the hill stood proud in the distance. All fatigue seemed to flee my body as I rounded the curve to start up the hill. Just before I reached the halfway point on the grassy mound, I felt something slam into my back; forcing me to the ground.

Panting hard, I flipped onto my back to see what had caused my fall. Lo and behold, there he was. Grinning his stupid, cheeky grin at me.

“Hey there gorgeous,” he said while snickering. 

I growled at him, knowing he was being facetious about my looks. I knew that I was red-faced and sweaty, hardly gorgeous.

With a laugh, he jumped up and sprinted towards the tree.

That snake! With a cry of distress, I popped up and chased after him. I was greeted by the sight of him leaning lazily on the sturdy trunk of the oak as I approached.

“Hell of a race,” he said breezily, “but it’s time to pay up.”

I glared at him, narrowing my eyes in protest. “You. Cheated.” I ground out through clenched teeth.

The smug bastard just smirked and tilted his head at me. “Well yeah, you never said I couldn’t!”

Throwing my hands up in the air with a huff, I plopped down on the grass and pouted. I could feel his eyes burning into my back as I released my unruly hair from its’ elastic prison.

I could feel his heat press against my back and he crouched behind me. “Hey,” he whispered softly, “you okay?”

Keep calm, you're not a sore loser...stupid bet...

Turning around with a fake, yet brilliant, smile, I replied cheerfully, “yep, totally fine!”

It was his turn to narrow his pretty, hazel eyes at me. They roved over my face, studying it intensely, looking for lies.

Changing the subject, I purred, "So champ, what do you want for your prize?"

His eyes widened in surprise, before his lids became heavy with lust. “I think you know what I want.”

I didn’t have a chance. His lips were pressed hard upon mine before I could blink. His soft lashes brushed my cheeks as his scent invaded my senses. A soft moan escaped him as he wrapped his strong arms around me. I was on sensory overload. His hands caressed my hips, sliding up my back and then down over the curves of my ass. His tongue pressed against the seam of my lips, begging to be let inside the hot cavern of my mouth. A gasp escaped my body as a work-roughened hand slipped inside my shirt and covered my breast.

Using the brief moment of shock to his advantage, his tongue slipped inside my mouth; tangling with mine. He tasted of mint and spice, with a hint of coffee. We groaned in unison as our tongues dueled and our hands explored. I splayed my palms against his chest, feeling his heart race as I stroked down the hard planes of his body. His muscular stomach clenched hard as I raked my nails down his abs.

With a low growl, he pushed me back onto the soft, sweet grass. His lips traveled fast, down my neck towards my shoulder and back up again. The lust was climbing higher, I could feel my center become slick with moisture as his hard erection pressed against my hip. Slipping my hands around his back, I dug my nails into his skin and pulled him closer; wrapping my legs around his waist so I could press my wetness against his cock.

“Fuck me.” I whispered into his ear, giving it a little nip before leaning back to look into his eyes.

I watched his eyes darken as he groaned in approval. Pushing his shorts out of the way, he gave his lengthy cock a couple strokes; a pearly bead of pre-cum shining upon his tip. Licking his lips, he shoved my tight shorts and panties over my hips. In one smooth movement, he slid his cock deep inside my aching cunt.

I bucked up at the intrusion, biting his shoulder as he filled me completely. I could feel trembles throughout his body as he stayed still for a moment, allowing me to adjust. I pressed up against him, begging him with my body to move.

At my silent approval, he snarled low and rough in my ear, and began sliding his length in and out of my dripping pussy. Whimpering and moaning, I urged him with my heels to move faster. I could feel the curls of pleasure writhing through my stomach. The heat was spreading through my body as he slammed hard and deep within me. Arching my back, squeezing him with my walls, I pushed towards release as he pounded into me like a man crazed in lust.

I felt him snake a hand between us, rubbing my clit as his groans grew in volume. With a victorious shout of pleasure, my orgasm rocked through my body in wave after wave of intense pleasure. I felt his hot seed shoot deep within me, hearing him moan in release. Aftershocks of bliss turned my mind to mush.

We clung to each other, trying to catch our breath as our sweat slicked bodies cooled in the breeze.

With a soft laugh, I removed my head from the crook of his neck and teased, “Maybe I should let you win more often.”

“Let me win?!” A bark of laughter escaped his lungs as he looked down at me. “I believe I won on my own merits!”

I just smirked at him, my shoulders moving in silent laughter as I mouthed cheater to him. With a growl, he stood and threw me over his shoulder while smacking my ass hard in response. 

“Let's go again then!" 

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