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Ready as always

Ready as always

A drop of moisture lingered at the top as I rub the tip of his cock over my lips, making them shiny
It was one of those mornings again; I just had to get Del to come over.I was in need of some satisfaction and my pussy needed more than what my vibrator could give me.

As I call him up, he tells me he is so hard and I am so desirable. I ask him to come over and be quick about it.

I wait for him by the door. I had two of my vibrators handy getting myself read for him. One inside of me and a bullet one on my harden clit with my legs crossed holding everything in place. With my one free hand, I was working my nipples hard by rubbing and pinching them.

As Del stepped in and saw me, he quickly undressed while closing the door. With his lips on mine, kissing me long and hard. Passionately with his hands roaming over my body.

“I love the feel of your breasts, your hard nipples and your tummy. Feeling your tongue teasing mine as we kiss.” As his lips roam down my body. Moving around my hand to my thighs, feeling the heat of my body. Wanting me, touching me, in all the right ways on his knees.

He takes the vibrator out but lets me keep on using the one on my clit. Letting his finger penetrate me, pumping as hard as I start to moan as I press harder on my clit.

My knees grow weak and I slide down to the floor with Del following my lead. With the vibrator beat moved to the inside of me, he lets his tongue do the work of my vibrator.

I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of his lips on my pussy. This is just what I needed. I press his head down for I want it even harder. I provide my own breast with a light squeeze, while his tongue wrestles with my clit and his finger pumps me together with the vibrator still in me.

No words are needed we don’t talk much we both just enjoy the sex.

I feel my climax coming on and twist my hips so that his mouth traces the right spot. I lift my hips up high and Del helps me by pulling up as he stands on his knees. As I cum, he keeps on going with the sucking on my ready harden nob.

I tighten my thighs around his neck and he stops, but holds me high until I clam down.

“Wow! Tremendous, boundless just what I needed.”

“Glad I could help. You feeling better now?”

“Not quit! I still need you inside me, but first let me do you.”

I rub his hardness with my thumb, back and forth, as his tip throbbed. A drop of moisture lingered at the top as I rub the tip of his cock over my lips, making them shiny with his pre-cum. I lick down the entire length of his cock, down to his balls where I suck them gently, popping one in my mouth and twirling my tongue over it before pulling it out and stroking him again.

My hand forming a tight fist through which I pump his cock, slowly and gently in my mouth. Sucking it and taking it as far down as I can, as he moans from delight. His eyes close as he enjoys my every move, his hips moving involuntarily back and forth working with me.

I watch Del intently as I become excited by his half-closed eyes, his expression contorted with pleasure. I kiss little kisses on his cock. He is near cum and flips me over on my back.

Feeling how I pulled him on top of me. My hand pulling his hard cock into me as my legs wrapped around him pulling him deep into me.

Our bodies slamming together as his cock sinks so deep into me, my pelvis rising to meet each thrust, taking him still deeper.

My hot, wet, tight, vagina spamming as his cock fills it and moves within me.

Del feels me spasm, quiver, and pulsate as I squeeze him milking his sperm into me. Shooting ropes of hot sticky man juice deep into my waiting womb. Filling me with him. Our fluids mixing as he suck and bite my nipples.

“Oh god Del, feel me cum as you empty yourself within me.”

“I feel, and I enjoy every moment of it.” ©

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