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Room 4126

Room 4126

You just never know what waits for you at the end of the day...

I had come to the bar to get a drink before heading to my room. The business meeting had gone as well as could be expected, but at least the client was satisfied with what our company could do for him. So I was just trying to unwind after some tense negotiations and hard selling.

I was sitting at the end of the bar in the hotel lounge nursing my Jack and Coke when she walked in. She was a stunning blonde with one of those overblown “big hair” styles popular back in the 1980’s. She looked amazing. She was wearing a tight LBD strapless number that was so short it barely covered what it was supposed to. To add length to her already remarkable legs, she was in a pair of strappy, six-inch heeled Jimmy Choos in shiny silver color to match her small sequined handbag. She was definitely looking for something besides a drink that evening.

She picked out an empty stool in the middle of the long bar and ordered herself a Pink Lady and was sitting there sipping her drink. Every so often though, I would catch her shooting me a glance once in awhile. She was coy about it; she would look up and if she saw me watching her she would act as if she was looking past me at something or she would just look back down quickly.

This went on for several minutes and I caught her at least six times looking at me. Finally, I reached into my jacket pocket and got a pen. On one of the hotel business cards I had gotten from the front desk earlier, I wrote 4126 - my hotel room number. Under the room number, I wrote 'one hour.'

Then I downed the last of my drink and got up. I walked over to where she was sitting and without a word I set the card beside her drink on the bar and walked away. I could almost sense her looking at the card and then at me as I walked to the door. I didn’t glance back, I just kept walking. I got back to my room and took off my shoes and jacket. I decided to take a nice relaxing shower while I waited to see if my mystery woman would show up.

After my shower, I put on a pair of drawstring top sweatpants that I used as lounge pants while I was in the hotel room and sat down to watch some TV. It was getting close to the one hour mark and I was curious if she would show or not. I was just starting to watch the weather for tomorrow when I heard it… a soft, almost uncertain knock on the door. Had the TV been any louder, or if I had still been in the shower, I would have missed it altogether. But I had a feeling I would be having company, so I was ready for it.

I turned off the TV and walked to open the door. She stood in the hallway in her long leather dress coat. The coat came down halfway to her ankles and the only thing I could see was her Jimmy Choos under it. I smiled at her when I saw her and she looked down like she was almost ashamed of herself for being there. I stepped aside and offered her my hand as I held the door open for her.

Once inside I shut the door behind her, then gently pushed her up against the wall next to the door. I stepped up to her, pressing myself into her and placed my mouth over hers crushing her with a hard deep kiss and letting her know what she was here for. I put my arms around her waist, holding her against me and she responded by putting hers around my neck. She moaned softly into my mouth and I caught it, holding it for her. I felt her lips part and took it as an invitation for my tongue to look for a playmate. He found one too, waiting at the door of her mouth and they wrestled while we devoured each other in our impassioned kiss.

After a few moments of kissing, she broke away gasping. She looked into my eyes searching for something.

“No names, no words,” she said.

Those were her rules and I was fine with that. Then she moved away into the middle of the room and dropped her coat to the floor behind her. She was completely nude save for those shoes. She looked magnificent.

I smiled, knowing this was going to be a night to remember for both of us.


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